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mskp mskp
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Before I make my question, let me clarify that I know that any modification done to the unit will void the warranty.
Now, despite that in case I use an AC/DC power supply adapter what should the voltage and amperes be. I´ve already searched the forum, but I´m a little confused. Following a logical thought (at least from my point of view) using 6 AA batteries you should be able to use a 9 volt adapter, but the rechargeables deliver only 7.2 volt. So would the range be between 7.2 and 9 volts? Sounds a lot. Right? What about the amperage (mah.)

mskp mskp
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No information regarding this issue?
I´ve found a thread in the older forum but as I own the latest Epic100 I don´t know if the info refers to it also because the post is about the older one.
Here´s the link:

Thanks and regards,

Tom Nelson Tom Nelson
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mskp’s link is dead, but I had copied the following from the thread:

Re: Battery Life Problems
In a prior discussion Stoney Vintson stated “Never exceed 9.6 volts. You may damage your imager electronics if you exceed 9.6 volts to the linear voltage regulator.” These NiZn batteries would be at the max limit, providing they don’t have a higher ambient (idle) voltage as do lead acids as the initial surge could do damage. Perhaps GigaPan could test these cells as it might solve some of the battery problems.

Re: Battery Life Problems
by Stoney Vintson on Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:19 pm
Actually we have been using the Energizer lithium batteries which are usually 6 batteries in series * X volts = 9.4 to 10.4 volts. The voltage is fed to a linear regulator which needs the voltage to be in a certain range in order to output a particular voltage such as 5 volts.

[end of copied thread]
On my Epic 100, I routinely use over 9 volts. On my previous early-version Epic, I once gave it about 10.6 volts (IIRC). It clicked and shut down. When I fired it back up with a lower voltage, it had reset everything to factory defaults but showed no damage.

mskp mskp
Total Posts: 9

The post to which my link refers to still works. I do not know why once pasted it does not work.
Maybe this one works:

Regards, Martin

It does :)

Forums» Gigapan Mechanism » Voltage