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Forums » Gigapan Mechanism » How accurate is the Epic 100 with long lenses?

How accurate is the Epic 100 with long lenses?
Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Total Posts: 141

After having used a silver Epic and a Canon Powershot G9 successfully since beta, I finally purchased a new Epic 100 and a canon Powershot SX40 super zoom to use with it. While the panos that I shot with the epic/g9 combo at 200mm typically had vertical and horizontal overlap value ranges that hovered around 30%, I’ve seen something much different with the few that I’ve shot with the epic100/sx40 at 840mm. As an example, for the most recent one, horizontal overlap ranged from 6.4 to 28.4 percent and vertical ranged from 4.3 to 91.8 percent. That seems excessive, although the pano stitched relatively well for a skyline. It makes me wonder if I got a bad imager, if the accuracy of the epic 100 isn’t up to a lens that long or if there’s a bug in the new stitch software.

Anyone care to comment?

Ron Schott Ron Schott
Total Posts: 90

Hard to comment without seeing the input image set and/or the stitched GigaPan. I’ve had good success with the Epic100/Canon T2i/Canon 70-300mm lens combo, so I don’t think its and inherent problem with the Epic100 and long lenses.

Did you have a lot of wind and/or notice any gear slippage during shooting? That might lead to these sort of odd overlaps. I ask about the wind because I know from experience that it can add enough force to cause the gears to slip if you don’t watch it closely when using a long lens.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Total Posts: 141

No, there wasn’t any significant wind. I think my next step will be to try another Pano with the epic 100, this time with the G9. That way the only variable is the imager.

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Total Posts: 22

The longest I used was 400mm and it worked out very well.


Tim Brown Tim Brown
Total Posts: 54

Until I got an epic pro, I shot all of my large gigapans with a canon DSLR T1i or T2i and a the 250 or 300mm canon stock lens on an old beta Epic 100 and it worked pretty well. Make sure you crank down the little screw thing that holds the bracket on so it doesn’t slip. I’ve gotten as big as 8.8 GP with the epic 100 and that was only over about 200 degrees so it could have gone bigger.

For example all of these were shot with the epic 100

Forums» Gigapan Mechanism » How accurate is the Epic 100 with long lenses?