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Forums » Gigapan Mechanism » New EPIC 100 FOV Calculation bug?

New EPIC 100 FOV Calculation bug?
Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
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Wondering if anyone else has seen this. I just upgraded to a new epic 100 after having used an original epic since the end of beta. At the same time. I bought a Panasonic fz150 super zoom to go with it. I shot a skyline Pano a few weeks back and got home to find that the images had 0 overlap. I know – shame on me for not paying attention when it was shooting! Anyway, I just assumed that I messed up somehow when setting the FOV. I came back to the same location today to reshoot, and set up very carefully. The imager once again said that 3.8 degrees was the correct FOV at 600mm. I tested it this time and got 0 overlap again! I dialed in 2.0 degrees and got what looks like 30 -40% overlap. I suspect that this is a bug in the firmware. Anyone else have a similar experience?

Forums» Gigapan Mechanism » New EPIC 100 FOV Calculation bug?