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Epic Pro Help Required
Kenneth Wong Kenneth Wong
Total Posts: 2

Did a little search, but couldn’t find the answer. I have 2 challenges that I am seeking some kind help with. But firstly, some background information.

Although I bought my Epic Pro a year ago, I haven’t had the time until a few days ago to play with it. On my Epic Pro, I have the ‘Extended Down Strut’ and replaced the clamp with the Really Right Stuff version. Finally I’m using a Nikon D3.

My first challenge is physical. When in landscape mode (I haven’t tried portrait yet) using a 24-70mm lens, I can tilt up high enough because the rail/clamp knob hits the LCD screen. This problem is also there when I use my 70-200mm or 200-400mm lens, but this time the camera body hits. Seems like the overall ‘height’ of the ‘swing arms’ are not long enough. Anyone else have this challenge?

My second challenge is ‘electronics’. I use ‘mirror lock’ and ‘camera feedback’. When I take single frames per position, this works perfectly. However, when I bracket, it always gives an error on the first trigger of each frame but an OK on the second, so the camera triggers twice as many times as necessary. This in turns puts the camera out of sequence. I havem’t tried mirror lock / camera feedback / bracket / multiple shots at the same time. Anyone experienced this challenge?

Thank you for your help.


Kenneth Wong Kenneth Wong
Total Posts: 2

No one able to help?

Pol F. Gillard Pol F. Gillard
Total Posts: 10

Hi Kenneth,
I am experiencing the same issue as the one you have… (your first question).
I’m waiting for the delivery of the RRS replacement base and sliding rail, but I am sure this will not fix the issue !
When it goes over Nikon prime lenses (24-70, 70-200 or longer like the 200-400) the position of the body is clearly far backwards in order to align the entrance pupil on the rotation axis.
This alignment is not so important for far panos but really needed when shooting near panos (my situation) !
My wish was to shoot @ 50mm with my 24-70mm (on D800E) but it is impossible to set the camera backwards enough because the sliding rail is too short. I regret this a lot because using longer focals for near panos creates a serious issue with the depth of field (foregrounds and backgrounds cannot be both in focus, on the other hand hyperfocal returns a very deceiving result !!), I am not very happy with this system, but now I have got it and I have to find the best solutions to use it…
I am afraid the lenses we are using were not taken into account for panos where you have to tilt the lens up more than +/- 35°, and if you do, the issue you mention is going to occur without any doubt, particularly if you use a D3 or D4 or D800E w/grip, the bottom of the camera will hurt the LCD !!
Choosing the “portait” mode will probably be worse, it will hurt the LCD earlier and you will probably have (to be checked !) to modify artificially the angle of view of the mounted lens that is calculated by the gigapan Epic Pro when aligning the top on the horizon and then the bottom…!
Lots of tests will be needed before I finally can use my Gigapan Epic Pro, for me this is a horrible waste of time !

Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Total Posts: 86

Hi Pol,

You might consider shooting with the Nikon 50mm prime lens (1.8). It is incredibly sharp at f4 (can actually do justice for a 36mp sensor) and it is small and lite. I have used it with no problems. It is only a $170 lens too.

At 50mm, 60 shots produce a 1 gigapixel image with your D800e.

Good luck


MediaPila MediaPila
Total Posts: 30

Hi all! The solution is use more small lenses. I use one 50mm 1.4f and problem solved.
For the big lenses, i have one 70-200 and a nikkor 2E III and is a problem to take upper pictures.

There is any solution to this?

Sorry for my bad english =P

maike maike
Total Posts: 2

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