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Forums » Gigapan Mechanism » Taking 2 shots at a time

Taking 2 shots at a time
Alan_Whyte Alan_Whyte
Total Posts: 12

Hi there. I am fairly new to using the gigapan and this question may have come up before on the site but thought i would ask. I have taken a couple of gigapans using the epic pro and a canon 7d camera and what I find is the camera takes the first shot and then is taking 2 shots for every position of the movement from top left to bottom right, at first I thought it was just the sound of the shutter lockup happening but then noticed I had 2 identical shots of eah picture so a 240 shot picture turned into 479 as the first picture taken was only taken once, I dont have bracketing on on the camera and the gigapan is set to normal 1 for the bracket. Any help in figuring this out would be much appreciated, got a lot to learn but with help of people on the site will hopefully be turning out some nice images, although might have to upgrade my computer to cope with them.

Alan_Whyte Alan_Whyte
Total Posts: 12

Worked this one out so if anyone else is having this problem check that youe camera is not set to high speed drive mode but insted make sure its on single frame.

chrispo chrispo
Total Posts: 1

Thanks for that Alan. I just got my new Gigapan and had exactly the same problem – camera set to low speed continuous in my case. You’ve saved me a lot of time searching for a solution

Alan_Whyte Alan_Whyte
Total Posts: 12

Also just found out recently that this also happens if you use live view on the camera, if anyone has any ideas why then please let me know.

Forums» Gigapan Mechanism » Taking 2 shots at a time