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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Pro Battery Life
Gary Hawkey Gary Hawkey
Total Posts: 4

Brand new Epic Pro, used second time. Battery charged using remote charger. Battery does not seem to hold a charge longer than a week.
Went out shooting yesterday 50 degrees, battery quit after 254 frames. Does this seem right?

Ted Roller Ted Roller
Total Posts: 2

I’m having the very same issue. No matter if I’m indoors (70 degs F) or outside (50 degs F) the battery in my Epic Pro only lasts for one gigapan (about 300 shots). When stored after charging the battery will only hold a charge for about 12 hours.

lucavascon lucavascon
Total Posts: 6

hi, what kind of battery are they? Ni-Mh?

Customer Service Customer Servic...
Total Posts: 67

Gary, we had found out last week that Ted Roller had a defective battery and we replaced under warranty. I’ll contact you for further troubleshooting to find out if you also might have a faulty battery.

Lucavascon, yes, the Epic Pro battery pack is Ni-Mh.

lucavascon lucavascon
Total Posts: 6

So they are the less-problematic batteries out there. But keep in mind every battery suffers if it is exposed to high temperature differences.
I was tempted to use li-po batteries in epic 100, but I don’t know and do not suppose it has low-charge protection cut off. Furthermore li-po has its own quirks and I’d not advice anyone who is not a battery-operated-RC model expert to use them.. ;-)

Customer Service Customer Servic...
Total Posts: 67


For the Epic/Epic 100 models, we recommend high-quality Ni-MH (Nickel-Metal Hydride) rechargeable AA batteries such as such as Sanyo Eneloop, or single-use Li-ion (Lithium Ion) AA’s.

jav1 jav1
Total Posts: 2

I am also having serious problems with my battery on my Epic Pro. I will finish a GigaPan, and the Battery Status function will say I have 100% battery life. I’ll try to do a GigaPan a few days later, and it will say I have insufficient battery before I can even start.

Last night I put my battery in my Epic Pro and checked the battery level, and it said 100%. I removed the battery, and went out today to make a GigaPan. I put the battery in, and the Epic Pro refused to make a GigaPan because the battery was too low.

I’ve missed out on several opportunities to make a GigaPan because of these battery issues. Can I also get a replacement battery?

Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Total Posts: 86

On my 3 year old Epic Pro the battery charges fine, but the Gigapan unit reports insufficient charge upon immediately plugging it in to the unit. However, if I put a blank charging plug into the Gigapan unit, it thinks it is operating under external power and has no problem doing a full days Gigapanning. When the plug is inserted, the Gigapan unit no longer checks for voltage level and just works with what it has. I have checked the voltage on the battery, it is 7v when charged, so it seems it is the firmware or some internal of the Gigapan that has the issue. These blank charging plugs come with many external charger kits where you can change the tip, I would suggest trying one of these and seeing if you get satisfactory miles.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Total Posts: 141

That’s a great idea Jason. I haven’t seen any batter issues yet, but I think I’ll go through my box of orphaned power warts and see if I can harvest a tip to throw in my bag “just in case”.

David Pivin David Pivin
Total Posts: 41


The “fully charged” AA NiMh cell voltage should be 1.35 to 1.45V, giving a stack of 6 the full voltage of 8.1 to 8.7V. I believe that the sealed unit is made up of 6 NiMh cells connected in series and the specification of 7.2V or 7.4V is a minimum expected under nearly discharged and worst case environmental conditions. If you measure 7V after charging, that means to me that you may have one shorted cell. 1.4V x 5 = 7V. Probably not a coincidence. Other cells will operate and charge normally with a shorted one in the string.


Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
Total Posts: 86

Hi Dave,

I charged up my battery for 24 hours. The charger never turned ‘Green’, but stayed red the entire time.

I checked the final voltage, 8.27 v

I inserted it into the Gigapan unit and got the message saying I need to charge battery and it was not useable.

I plugged in the blank plug into the Gigapan unit and it would work fine.

I believe I have both a bad battery and a bad Gigapan unit. I will order a new battery pack and see if this solves the issue…

Thank you for the tips


Paul Subelack Paul Subelack
Total Posts: 5


I have to excuse me for probably my English writing as I am not English/American.

Since a few years I work with the EPIC 100 and now I have problems with the batteries.
Before I am going to work with my Gigapan, I always recharge the batteries.
I used to use:Soshine Ni-MH 2500 mAh AA 1.2V,because of problems with the operation of the EPIC 100 I am trying to use VARTA 2100 mAh 56706 AA MIGNON HR6 Ni-MH 1.2V batteries.

Now,(again) just after 20(!) exposures the EPIC 100 stops working reporting “empty batteries”.

What can be the reason of this and how can I solve this?

Thank you for your answer.
Best regards,

Gary & Holden Hawkey Gary & Hold...
Total Posts: 2

Paul, it’s probably your batteries. Try the Sanyo eneloop like they recommend.
I always carry a spare battery holder with charged batteries, changing batteries in the middle of a pan is easy.


Paul Subelack Paul Subelack
Total Posts: 5

Thank you Gary for your reply.
When I check the Sanyo website I notice that the eneloop batteries have a capacity of 2000 mAh while the Varta has 2100 mAh. They both have a voltage of 1.2.

Ron Dean Ron Dean
Total Posts: 1

Same problem I have an Epic Pro and I have to charge the battery every time it will not hold power for 24hrs it always says I need to recharge. Big problem with these batteries and I will not buy another at that price unless it is guaranteed to work, but from all the comments on other forums they are duffers its put me off investing in other gigapan kit.

Chris Swinbanks Chris Swinbanks
Total Posts: 1

Hi folks. Has anyone found an alternative battery for the EPIC Pro, or replaced the Ni-MH batteries in the casing?
Just pulled our Pro out of the gear cupboard, it hasn’t been used for about 6 months and both batteries are dead as a doornail, won’t even start to charge. Originally purchased Sept 2011.
Aussie resellers websites indicate either “out-of-stock” or “no longer available”, so looking for alternative solution as I know I can buy NI-MH batteries locally…. just didn’t want to cut the casing open if I didn’t have to.

MP Narayanachar MP Narayanachar
Total Posts: 2

@Chris Swinbanks

Have you been able to resolve your battery problem? Same problem for me as well.

Philip Lindsay Philip Lindsay
Total Posts: 1

When my battery charger refuses to charge my Epic Pro Batteries, I jump a small 9 volt transitore radio battery across the Eoic Battery plus to plus and neg to neg for just a second of so. The charger will now recogniize the Epic battery and start the charging cycle.

Austin Lindsey Austin Lindsey
Total Posts: 1

First time here on the Forum. I have finally had it with the NiMh batteries showing 20% and decided to go Lithium. I prowled the web found batteries with the protective circuit included for $33 ea so I bought two and a charger. With glee I took my Dremel in hand with a small cutting saw wheel and worked a cut along the sides and end. I just followed the groove all the way around but not into the power plug (a small square). Take care and not be in a hurry, I opened the case and had a good power plug and battery case locking gadget. I cleaned up the edges and did a little sanding. The case locking device was easy. It has a spot on the end that can be drilled from the outside into the now hollow case. The drill was about 3/16". To the movable part I filed a small notch. This allows wires to enter the case and the locks to move. I super glued a 4" long piece of wood inside to screw the the sides to on reassembly. If any one wants pics I will do a better job and add pics and text.. Send your request to alindsey@cableone.net Give me a week or two. So, don’t throw those old useless cases away. I can’t understand why the designers did such a sorry job on the batteries. Worse yet, that it hasn’t been fixed.

The two battery packs were 7.4 V at 5200 Mah. The charger was $22 and has safe guards for charging safety.

I’m mounting the battery near where the battery case is inserted.

If anyone can see a problem here please advise me. The job took about 5 hours but I was doing a lot of “will this work” pauses. The next one will be much faster, After all, I have these dead battery (cases) to rehab.

General Toner General Toner
Total Posts: 7

Austin, sent you an email. This is a great idea that I will definitely attempt once get your write-up.

If you’re looking for more cheap lipo batteries a lot of us in rc helis go to hobbyking.com (no affiliation just a customer).


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