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Epic 100 Arm Scale
Tim Smith Tim Smith
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New to Gigapan hardware but been a fan for years. I just received my Epic 100 and have done a few test pans with my D90 and 18-70 kit lens. I’m not that clear on the arm scale and D90 positioning though. I see several black scales that converge on the mounting hole but I also see radial red lines too. Since there are two planes of movement (horizontal and circular), I’m not sure exactly where to lock it down. WIth the D90 the extender plate is all the way to the rear. The test pans look ok, but I’m assuming the alignment was sheer luck. I’d like to understand it a little better before I go out and do some larger pans. Thanks and Happy Holidays! -Tim

Chris Fastie Chris Fastie
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Hi Tim, The scales on the tilt motor plate might not be much use to you when mounting a Nikon D90. Even my D40 is too big to be mounted on the Epic 100 so that the longitudinal axis of the lens is aligned with the axis of rotation of the tilt motor. The problem is that the distance from the bottom of the camera body to the lens axis (the center of the sensor) is greater than the the maximum possible distance between the camera tray and the axis of rotation of the tilt motor. IOW, you can’t lower the camera tray enough. I drilled a hole to solve this problem for the D40, but I think the D90 is even “taller” so that fix might not work. In the other dimension (horizontal) the button pusher motor limits the amount that the lens can be slid sideways. Lenses with barrel diameters greater than about 70 mm cannot be centered over the axis of rotation of the pan motor. For slightly larger lenses, a spacer can move the entire camera tray over, but this will buy only several additional mm. I have the original Epic 100, but I think the new model has the same dimensions. None of this prevents you from making gigapans with a D90. Precise alignment is important only if you want to eliminate all parallax errors when the scene has objects close to and far from the camera. When everything is far from the camera, those errors are irrelevant. My fixes for the D40 are described here: http://youtu.be/3YhBM89sEo0

Forums» Gigapan Mechanism » Epic 100 Arm Scale