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Forums » Digital Cameras on Gigapan » iPhone 4S with Epic?

iPhone 4S with Epic?
John Foster John Foster
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The iPhone 4S the iPad 3 (now known as the iPad) and presumably newer models from here on in support focus and white balance locking.

The iPad is of course way too large for your Epic holders. The iPhone 4S will mechanically fit.

It would be an act of kindness to me and a possibly huge increase in your market share if you were able to show that the iPhone 4S worked with any of your present models, or an iPhone specific model.

In spite of some grumbling by camera purists, iPhoneography has attracted quite a following among professional photographers.

I would really appreciate the explosion in GigaPan images that having an iPhone model of an Epic would create.

Any chance of you trying this out?

If you lack the time and interest to make such a test would you consider shipping me some model of Epic you think might work and let me do the testing for you?

Ron Schott Ron Schott
Total Posts: 90

John: I don’t own an iPhone, but your query actually comes as no surprise to me. So many folks are making the iPhone the primary camera that they carry around that even if the combination of a GigaPan robot and an iPhone sounds nutty to purists, it wouldn’t surprise me if there was a market for a downscaled robot (GigaPan Epic Mini!).

Because I don’t own an iPhone I can’t actually try out its fit in one of my beta units. I’d imagine the biggest issue would be finding or creating a mount that holds the iPhone (or Android phone) in the proper position on the robot. The secondary issued would be getting the button pusher positioned on whatever the shutter release is on the iPhone. Beyond that, I’d imagine the last thing is getting the manual settings correct on the iPhone. All in all, it sounds fairly doable. I bet there are already iPhone case accessories designed for photography in existence that would make the mounting and shutter release parts work more smoothly.

It may be a niche market, but it’d be interesting to know if GigaPan Systems is already at work on a GigaPan Epic Mini. :-)

John Chu John Chu
Total Posts: 1

I think this would be a killer idea.
I know Diffcase makes a really good tripod case for the iPhone.
Currently the iPhone 4S volume button functions as a shutter release—but an electronic way—via an Gigapan app might be hit the tipping point for mass adoption.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Total Posts: 141

This is what would be needed hardware-wise, but I understand that the app that it uses is pretty primitive.


Forums» Digital Cameras on Gigapan » iPhone 4S with Epic?