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Forums » Digital Cameras on Gigapan » Canon SX50....

Canon SX50....
YC Ong YC Ong
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Currently been doing gigapanning with GF2/GX1 with 45-200mm.

Thinking of getting the canon SX50, longer reach, more DOF and can use the remote trigger.

Do you think it is a good choice… How about the image quality (will be very much difference from my M43)

Please advise, esp those with experience with the SX40.

(G15 should be good, except the focal is a bit short – only 140mm equiv.)

Jason Buchheim Jason Buchheim
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Hello YC Ong

I was just checking out that SX50 camera on DPreview.com – wow 50x zoom lens (24-1200mm 35mm equivalent)!

Seems pretty amazing specs, and with the small sensor, DOF would indeed be better (although it will still be small when at 1200mm)

Can’t say about image quality yet as no samples posted.

While this might be a good, afordable camera for robot Gigapan use, if what you are seeking is really high quality pixel peeping on a gigapixel+ size image, you might consider the Nikon D800 (I know, it is a whopping 7 times more expensive, larger, heavier, and does not include the lens) The pixel output and dynamic range of the D800 is stellar (its sensor has 10 times larger area per pixel than SX50, so much less noise) You could shoot with a 400mm lens and be gathering the same amount of image pixels per degree of view as shoot at 800mm equiv with this SX50) So considering a 30% overlap requirement for stitching, the 36 megapixel sensor of the D800 would let you shoot about 3 times fewer images to obtain the same size in gigapixel Gigapan of a scene with the same field of view (and those pixels have the potential to be of higher sharpness and dynamic range with the larger sensor).

my above calculations are based on a 30% overlap for good stitching. To reach one gigapixel in image size requires 60 shots with a D800 and 180 with a SX50, the sensor sizes are 6.17×4.55mm and 35.9×24mm with per pixel areas of 2.37 square nanometers and 23.8 square nanometers for the SX50 and D800 respectively

The downside is cost and weight of a Gigapan Epic Pro, Nikon D800e and 400mm lens ($6000 complete vs $800 complete) and less DOF… but shooting 3 times fewer images to reach a certain resolution is NOT to be underestimated (far fewer artifacts, ghosts, changes in water and sky texture, etc.)

I bring all this up as I was wondering other peoples thoughts on the subject as I am considering making the D800 investment (I have rented one but currently only have a D300s)

One concern with using a $3000 camera for Gigapans is the shutter life, it amortizes to $.02 per shot with a 150,000 actuation rated shutter life, or $1.20 per gigapixel.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
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If the SX50 has the same DIGIC processor as the previous versions and can’t shoot RAW, I would recommend against it. The DIGIC processor can cause some problems especially with structures against blue skies. See my thread about the SX-40 here:


YC Ong YC Ong
Total Posts: 3


Agree on the IQ of D800. But with a 400mm and Epic Pro – I can’t imagine i like to carry this combi around. I am not a hard core gigapanner.. Maybe, later, who knows…


Read your feedback and the related. SX50 now has the raw output. Will that resolve the prob. highlighted by you.

I am deciding between this SX50 or the 100-300 for my m43. But generally, I do not use such longer FL, if I will to get the 100-300, it would have ended up only for gigapan – so I must as well get a ‘delicated’ superzoom, and will be more compact too!

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Total Posts: 138

I would think that native RAW support would take care of the DIGIC issue. I’d still purchase it somewhere that has a long enough return policy to allow you to fully test it.

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