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Forums » Digital Cameras on Gigapan » Epic Pro and Panasonoic Lumix GH2

Epic Pro and Panasonoic Lumix GH2
deanroczen deanroczen
Total Posts: 4

My very first post….

I ordered an Epic Pro (already in shipping). I assumed it would work with my Panasonic Lumix GH2 and I wanted the bette rmodel as I am preparing to buy a more professional camra and lens next year.

Of course, I should have consulted the compatibility page first.. but I thought (maybe incorrectly) that the better model (Pro) would be able to handle any camera that the 100 would :(

Panasonic uses an optional push button trigger as well. Any thoughts?


Dean R.

deanroczen deanroczen
Total Posts: 4

searched the forum and came up with this:


hope this sends me on my way!!

Gary & Holden Hawkey Gary & Hold...
Total Posts: 2

If you look at the thread here: http://forum.getdpi.com/forum/4-3rds-cameras/28…

This setup works great with the Epic 100, but melding the cables from the Pro with the JJC Panasonic cable is NOT working for me. Initially started by using the Canon cable and 2.5mm F to F to connect to the JJC cable and would up cutting and soldering the cables together and it still did not work.

Sure would be nice if someone from Gigapan could make this work.

Forums» Digital Cameras on Gigapan » Epic Pro and Panasonoic Lumix GH2