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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

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Forums » Digital Cameras on Gigapan » Shutter release cable

Shutter release cable
Tim Smith Tim Smith
Total Posts: 8

Is there technical data on the servo port (pinout, levels, schematic, etc.) that I may use to design and build my own electronic release? It seems it should be fairly simple to interface to an IR shutter release if the technical details were known. This wold be fairly universal across the Nikon line. Thanks, Tim

Doug MacDonald Doug MacDonald
Total Posts: 2

Yes, please. Like you Tim I am also shooting with the Nikon D-90 and it just barely fits the Epic 100. An interface to a Nikon IR remote would be great.

John Opie John Opie
Total Posts: 25

I’m actually now on my 3rd cable for Olympus because I broke 2 of them: the cables supplied by Gigapan are simply too short! I’ve acquired extension USB cables to avoid breakage…

I tried the regular E30 USB cables but the pins are connected differently. :-(

Customer Service Customer Servic...
Total Posts: 67

Tim: Sorry, we cannot release technical data/schematics.

Doug: Yes the D90 is a tight fit on the Epic 100. Did you know it’s also compatible with the Epic Pro(would be triggered electronically)?

John: What’s the Olympus camera model and lens combo you’re using on your Pro?

John Opie John Opie
Total Posts: 25

Hi -

Sorry to be so late replying. I use the E30 and the cable is far too short when I mount a Leica Telyt-R 400 f6.3 lens using the lens tripod mount. The 400 is an old-school telephoto lens that is physically the focal length, and that makes the cord too short. I have simply used a simple short USB extension cable to lengthen the USB cable to work, but only after I broke 2 cables…

Forums» Digital Cameras on Gigapan » Shutter release cable