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PTGui pro
bo gyllander bo gyllander
Total Posts: 11

Is PTGui pro a program to use whith Epic pro? It seems to me that they have a really fine support and informations.

Leonardo Fuica Babogredac Leonardo Fuica ...
Total Posts: 11

Yes, this program work fine but is too slow, 20 times slower almost

bo gyllander bo gyllander
Total Posts: 11

Hi Leonardo,
In which moment is it too slow?

Leonardo Fuica Babogredac Leonardo Fuica ...
Total Posts: 11

Hi Bo, is very slow when you charge a very large nuembers of images and press STICH, 150 or more photos.
I compare 3 software with the same photos…
Autopano Giga, PTGui Pro, Gigapan Stich
and the result is 40 minutes, 230 minutes and 45 minutes in the same order.


Charles Davis Charles Davis
Total Posts: 15

Hmmm…230 /40 = 5.75. That’s much less than “20 times”.

I have compared the results w/ a smaller number of images and PTGui Pro was faster than Stitch.

One issue is that PTGui is available in 64-bit version, so it accesses more memory and runs faster than an equivalent 32-bit program. Next, Stitch appears to do some of the processing on the GiagPan servers [rather than my local box]. This means that if I have a slow PC and a fast internet connection, I can get rapid results. But, if my internet connection is slow, then it will control the overall process timings.

I have an 8-core box, running at 3.4 GHz, w/ 16 GB of RAM and a sorta fast internet hookup [5.25/1.62 Mbps on Speedtest.net], to get you calibrated. I just tried the same [small…16 images] job on PTGui Pro and Stitch. Stitch took 0:36 and PTGui took 0:47. BUT, after this 36 seconds, Stitch didn’t have anything completed…only a 32 kb .gigapan file! In contrast, PTGui Pro had completed a 92,370 kb .jpg file.

I don’t know what is in that .gigapan file, but it can’t be much…it appears to be only a small preview [the PTGui Pro file was 2887 times bigger)! When I told Stitch to upload the panorama, it took a whopping 7:30. It doesn’t take 7 1/2 minutes to upload 32 kb, so something quite different is going on?

It’s difficult to make a generalization like this. PTGui Pro has many more capabilities than Stitch. One program operates locally and the other operates remotely. Their results are not comparable [the PTGui image was 23,716 × 5,037 px, whereas the Stitch image was 23,576 × 4496 px.

I don’t know how to render a Stitch image as a JPEG and get it on my local box [or even if it’s possible…a quick search indicated that only TIFF and DNG outputs were possible?], so trying to get comparable processes in order to time the entire thing may be difficult.

Forums» Stitch » PTGui pro