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Forums » Stitch » 300mm overlap

300mm overlap
Trent Allen Trent Allen
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Overlap set at 25%

I borrowed a 300mm lens to take a GigaPan today and when I got to the “set zoom” I clicked on through because there is no changing the 300. When I went to stitch it together there is no overlap. In fact, the images don’t even tough. Can anybody help (I do not read manuals well, I admit!)

Ron Schott Ron Schott
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Whenever you use a new focal length lens on a camera for GigaPanning (or change the zoom) you need to reset the Field of View on the GigaPan robot. This is done under “Gigapan Setup”. The fact that you used a fixed length lens doesn’t absolve you from needing to do this the first time you use that lens. The act of changing from your previous lens to the 300mm was the act of changing the “zoom”.

As a general practice, it’s also wise to watch the first couple of images taken during any GigaPan capture sequence to confirm visually that you’re getting ~30-40% overlap between adjacent images. It’s much easier to correct this in the field than after the fact, as you’ve now discovered.

Forums» Stitch » 300mm overlap