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Rendering Farm Computer Tech
Jeffrey Bell Jeffrey Bell
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Hi, all. I work for a group that using Gigapans in our event safety products. Our product is a mix of visual and documentation and we on general produce at a minimal between ten and twenty locations which will be included in the product. One of our concerns is the speed of stitching and the extensive number of pixels being calculated. As we continue to find more need for the gigapan imagery in our products we also find we need more computer processing time to complete the stitching in a reasonable amount of time.

We are interested in using our network of both PC and Mac computers as a rendering farm to assist in the speed of combining our stitching when the computers are idle. My question are; Is this possible? Is there software on the market that can assist in this feature of using the Gigapan Stitcher software on a rendering farm computer system? Is there a group with similar needs and how are they handling the issue? We do have a network system for both of our PC computers and Mac computer groups. What are the issues that we might have with this?

Thanks everyone before hand.

Paul Heckbert Paul Heckbert
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We have some software for this inside GigaPan that was developed by Rich Gibson, but it’s not in a clean state for sharing, currently. I can’t make any promises currently, but we could let you know if and when we have something we’re able to share.

There are features of Stitch that greatly facilitate this kind of thing, that would help you to “roll your own”, if you wanted to: both Stitch and Upload have command line options that allow you to control most of their features. For info on that, see the command line options sections of the GigaPan Stitch and Upload Technical Manual: http://tinyurl.com/gigapan-su-tech .

-Paul Heckbert
GigaPan Stitch and Upload Developer

Forums» Stitch » Rendering Farm Computer Tech