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jumbled and twisted stitch output
zearcaro zearcaro
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I am having trouble with my most recent stitches and am hoping someone here will have some advice. The problem is that while my input images appear normal the resulting stitch is jumbled and twisted. (See images below).
This failed attempt was a 13×20 360 panorama. Also note that other, smaller, stitches have been created with the same setup without any problems.



Windows 7 Pro, current
GigaPan Stitch.Efx 2.1.0161

Terry Foss Terry Foss
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It looks to me like you don’t have enough vertical overlap. Th stitcher is also having a problem with the repeating similar shapes in the building on the right and the trees in the middle. Not much you can do about that, but more overlap should help.

Ron Schott Ron Schott
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I second Terry’s diagnosis. You don’t have nearly enough overlap. You should aim for 30-50% overlap of adjacent images. I usually check this visually each time during the early stages of the shot.

Paul Heckbert Paul Heckbert
Total Posts: 32

I agree: this looks like a case of insufficient / no overlap. We recommend 30%.

The best place to check overlap is the images near the horizon (row 7 on this one). If you look at column 8, row 7 — we could call this grid cell (8,7) — the front of the car on the left is missing from both this image and its neighbor to the left, (7,7) – no horizontal overlap here. There’s little or no vertical overlap: the tabletop in (13,8) is not visible in (13,7), for example. Perhaps you forgot to do Setup on the panohead after changing zoom?

A minor note: the horizontal overlap increases as you tilt up toward the zenith or down toward the nadir, so judging overlap in rows above or below the horizon is less instructive.

When the Stitcher has little or no overlap, its alignment task becomes very difficult!

GigaPan Stitch/Upload Developer

Forums» Stitch » jumbled and twisted stitch output