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Forums » Stitch » misaligned columns

misaligned columns
Spencerwynn Spencerwynn
Total Posts: 3

I am new to shooting with the Gigapan. I purchased the EpicPro in order to do a particular assignment. But I am routinely having stitching errors where rows are off by just a bit. I have created a low-res crop and indicated the errors. I would love it if someone could tell me what is happening. Thanks!

I am using version 2.1.0160 of Stitch. I am shooting using manual mode and typically at 200mm.


Eddie S Eddie S
Total Posts: 7

Was this shot as a single row? If it is , your pro may be creeping down on the tripod column. I would rule out the hardware , tripod first , then look at the amount overlap setting on the pro.
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Forums» Stitch » misaligned columns