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Forums » Stitch » Why does my GigaPan look all weird?

Why does my GigaPan look all weird?
jav1 jav1
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Here’s a GigaPan I just shot with the Epic PRO and stitched with GigaPan Stitch 2.1.0160.


The hotel looks all garbled up and weird. Is there anything I could have done differently? Is there better software for stitching?


David Pivin David Pivin
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One possibility is that it is the repetitive pattern of the windows. The stitcher can be fooled into thinking it has an alignment because of multiple matching points that are one window off. I have had tall glass buildings bend over like they were made of rubber and the sky border above them was collapsed. The GigaPan stitch does not have an alignment strategy that recognizes this condition and could apply a limit to the alignment. You may get a better result with other software, but it may take a lot longer, with more manual intervention. Another possibility may be the curvy structure closer to the camera that may be confusing the stitcher if you are off your nodal point alignment (entrance pupil) and you are getting a shift in that object relative to the background as the lens is rotated by the EpicPRO. You can check for this by setting up on the same scene and rotating across the object, checking that it remains aligned with the same background point on both the left and right edges of the frame. This second possibility is the most likely to be your problem. Good tips at this site: http://www.hugha.co.uk/NodalPoint/Index.htm#Det…


Forums» Stitch » Why does my GigaPan look all weird?