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From the Curiosity Rover - The Glenelg Area (Sols 64 and 66) by impreprex

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About This Gigapan

Taken by
impreprex impreprex
Explore score
0.18 Gigapixels
Date added
Oct 21, 2012
Date taken

Here are 138 images combined into a stunning panorama - 75 images from Sol 64 and and 63 images from Sol 66. They were all taken by the (right) Mastcam 100mm. The final image (panorama) is 42,045 x 4329 pixels.

After stitching the images together I corrected the horizon and was able to crop it without losing much at all (just a few hundred pixels!). From there, I fixed the parts in the images where there were overloaded pixels (they were black spots about 16 pixels big). For this I used the Content Aware feature in Adobe Photoshop. It is shocking how good that feature works. You could NEVER tell. Once I corrected it and looked away for a second and looked back, I couldn't find where they were, so that's very cool.
Finally, I used the "Smart Sharpen" plugin (Photoshop) at 66% and manually tweaked the levels to a more pronounced image.
With all of that said, I am extremely reluctant with tweaking images from Mars (I like to keep it as accurate as possible). However, I feel I was able to retain the original color and lighting (remember - Mars only receives 1/2 of our sunlight so it should look darker than looking at images from Earth).
Enjoy this stunning panorama. Thank you NASA/JPL/Caltech.

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