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Sudeoksadaeungjeon(Daeungjeon Hall of Sudeoksa Temple) by wipco

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wipco wipco
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Mar 06, 2013
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The Sudeoksa Temple is located on Mt. Deoksungsan.
Because there are no clear records from the time of the establishment, the tales told differ from each other.
According to the records left at the temple, the Buddhist monk Sungje built it at the end of the Baekje Dynasty, and Naong repaired it again during the rule of King Gongmin in Goryeo Dynasty.
It is also told that the Buddhist Monk Jimyeong built it in the first year (A.D.599) of King Beop during the Baekje Dynasty, and Wonhyodaesa repaired it again. Daeungjeon, a main hall which enshrines a statue of the Buddha, was built in the 34th year (1308 A.D.) of King Chungnyeol of the Goryeo Dynasty, and it is the highest wooden-made building in our country of which the year of establishment can be known accurately.
With 3 blocks on the front side, 4 blocks on the sides, the building is in the jusimpo style with pillars whose middle is thicker than both ends upholding the eaves of the roof, with decorations, and with the wooden blocks holding up the eaves being only on the pillars. As for the building of Daeungjeon, the temple's main hall, since the year in which it was built can be known, it has become a standard for estimating the years of establishment of buildings constructed during the middle and latter periods of Goryeo Dynasty by comparing and studying the formal differences with other buildings.
And, because its formal beauty is extraordinary, it has been receiving the evaluation as a very important architectural cultural asset in the history of Korea's wooden architecture.

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