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About This Gigapan

Taken by
The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661"
Explore score
1.19 Gigapixels
Date added
Apr 06, 2013
Date taken

It seems unlikely for a square in Paris to be called "Square Louvois" (rather than Place Louvois, say) but that indeed seems to be its name. This scene caught my eye for the enormous fountain in the middle. I'm not an expert in architectural aesthetics but to my eye, it is way too big. But what do I know? Maybe when the fountain is working it shoots a jet of water 300 metres into the air.

Gigapan Comments (5)

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  1. David Engle

    David Engle (April 10, 2013, 11:42AM )

    Here, parents live in fear of what may be on the street :( I have had children come up to my door on Halloween, and when given candy, their parents minutely examine the package before it goes into the child's sack.

  2. The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661"

    The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" (April 10, 2013, 10:30AM )

    I don't know about the museums etc but its remarkable (to me anyway) to see children playing on the street these days. You don't see in Bath - where I live anyway. How about in the US? Come to think of it, we saw children playing King of the Castle on the street when we walked up to Sacre Cour. Maybe life in France is such that playing on the street is still an ordinary thing to do.

  3. David Engle

    David Engle (April 08, 2013, 04:56AM )

    Can you imagine growing up in this neighborhood .... Major world museums only a few minutes away, and the Seine, and all the history that happened within a few blocks of where this place is?

  4. The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661"

    The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" (April 07, 2013, 09:21AM )

    As it happens, there were loads of kids playing there when I was taking it. The park was closed but they kids and their mums were still there on the road at the end of the park.

  5. David Engle

    David Engle (April 06, 2013, 08:01PM )

    Too bad that you did not take a GigaPan of this scene during the day when hundreds of kids congregated there to play their games under the watchful eyes of their mother's. It was a rather vivid sight and as I mentioned, the first time I saw it, I believe it was only made in the first place for someone to take a full panorama of.

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