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Gunwi Buddha Triad Cave Temple by wipco

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Taken by
wipco wipco
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Apr 22, 2013
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As the cave temple made in the early Unified Silla at the natural cave in Palgongsan Mountain in Gunwi-gun, Gyeongsangbuk-do, it is older than the artificially made Seokguram in Gyeongju.
Here, the Buddha Triad made around the 700 is enshrined.
The Principal Buddha statue in the center is 2.18m, the Bodhisattva statue on the left is 1.8m and the Bodhisattva on the right is 1.92m.
The central statue is seated on the quadrangular pedestal.
Both feet were put on the lap with the sole of feet upright, which is the typical cross legged sitting posture.
On a baldhead there is a high protrusion.
The face is expressed large compared with the rest of body and is dignified without delicate-looking which is shown in the statue of the Three Dynasties Period.
The robe was treated thinly, so the shape of the robust body is shown clearly.
The skirt is extended down in covering the wide laps and the pedestal on which the Buddha statue is seated.
The hands take the posture in which the right hand is put on the lap with the fingers facing the earth, the first example to be shown in the Korean Buddha statue.Both Bodhisattva statues showing the same style wear the hat inscribed with the small Buddha and the Buddhist ritual sprinkler in the head.
In the chest, a necklace is thrown and in the arm, a bracelet is worn.
The robe extends down with the U-pattern folds.
Judging from the well-proportioned ratio of the body fitting to the slender shape, the neck, the waist and the legs which are twisted a bit, these Bodhisattva statues newly accepted the style of China.This work has a high historic value in that it was made in the transition period between the Three Dynasties Period and the Unified Silla.
It occupies an important place in Buddhism Art history in that it is genuinely the first rock cave temple where a Buddha statue was placed in after the cave was excavated

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