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"Quadrata Martis" ( Squares of Mars ) Evidence of a lost intelligent species dominion by Gary Proffitt

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Taken by
Gary Proffitt Gary Proffitt
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Jan 24, 2014
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architectural, astrophotography, cityscapes, environmental, experimental, forensic, geology, landscape, nature, photojournalism, street, underwater

Search gigapan for "MARSOPTICA" for Mars research work, NEW watch and enjoy my new youtube video spotlighting Quadrata Martis, called "Mankind from Apes to Aliens"click below
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Please use the snapshot feature to read observational analysis comments and to automatically zoom you to very interesting items of mystery T.Y.
NEW Superb Tilted image with double scaling to better display the square and rectangular plots that are aligned to the axial tilt of Mars.
Image Scale exactly 4 km across X 3.5 km deep
(ideal rover sized roaming area), highest rock faces approx 15-20 metres.

"I was keeping this greater discovery a secret along with its location on Mars but its too important to keep to myself so I hope you all enjoy it and that it gets the coverage and scientific investigation it truly deserves"
Discovery location and official NASA image
Data source NASA IR Mars Imaging(PSP_007781_1410)
Location;Mars,Hellas Planitia
Mars; Lat: -38.4° Long: 55.8°
Here I have published a large image that can be zoomed into to reveal the amazing squares that have been etched into the surface that surpass in detail, size and numbers the famous NASA named Inca fields found recently at the polar region of Mars that had similar intelligent design though the rectangular plots that can be viewed in this image are stunning and the best
to my mind mystery yet concerning Mars Images
of this once much wetter and warmer landscape.
There is also many indications of past hydration and other areas with what appear to be remains of a lot of unknown surface activity and central much denser areas there were likely important hubs to this most ancient metropolis of Mars but I am not certain if this is simply remains of foundational material or an underground network of tubes and subways or both! Also there are signs of great flooding or glaciation that destroyed this area along with draughts and permafrost that ended the reign of this particular species, or did it?
Also if you check out the snapshots there are
islands that have different road ways that
connect with major routes that probably marked
areas of farmed wetlands and possible areas of dwellings with a central, busier looking area and some of the details to say this is infra-red imagery are full of evidence of all manner of great scientific discovery that really do need looking into so forget Mt Sharp for now and say hello to down town Quadrata Martis, Hellas Planitia, Mars.
I suspect that an advanced semi-aquatic species
that had high intelligence and acted socially
evolved to manage flood plains to farm forms
of creatures that lived in this flood basin
and although limited in terms of mobility they
were highly creative and organised.
This area would of been the perfect landing
spot for the Curiosity rover and has rocky outcrop islands that could of been investigated along with many important clues to Mars past and the current Rover mission to my mind is although a great triumph, is much too difficult an objective to traverse many dangerous sand dune areas and climb a mountain considering also that this area was the last place on Mars
that could of supported water at the Hellas Planitia super crater system!
I had to adjust the colour curves slightly and
colourise the image to give it a realistic and
more natural tone as the source is Infra-red photography from one on NASAs great archives
and I cant believe how beautiful the detail
is and surely this proves that there are very
ancient ruins of past cultures on Mars if we
bother to look carefully and investigate them with open eyes and minds and its time to send the archaeologists into the culture of astrophysics and lets see what they make of this outstanding data.
New, a scaled edition with higher contrast
is available to explore, click below...
Well I have studied these squares or polygons for quite some time now, comparing possible glacial or geological knowledge of Earth that might explain them and I can find no other evidence of this being found before
so I decided to look at any evidence within the
design and construction of these oddities to see what I could discover.
Observed data anomalies
The borders of the polygons consist of groves
that are mostly straight that are created by
a series of nibble effects in that they
are not pure groves but joined up pits
in the surface!
The pits start at no less then four foot in diameter and can range up to approx forty foot
but many show signs of wind erosion as they are very smooth so they have probably grown in size over time.
The border lines very rarely do not join up with another line but will incredibly sometimes turn roughly 90 degrees to join up with a closed shape before meeting a neighbouring line!
Many polygons would require a level of intelligence to construct in order to complete a closed shape for instance deviating around bumps in the surface then continuing in line creating a three sided trapezium in effect
on the border line and also all ninety degree corners that are made form two lines, created a perfect closed polygon
There is a strong relationship between the size of some larger pitting that occurs in complete sides and the area size of the polygon and these larger polygons have evidence of past pitting that implies they have grown in area size taking over past parts of borders or complete adjacent polygons to become larger!

see my list of possible explanations
in the description area of the below link

Gigapan Comments (5)

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  1. Gary Proffitt

    Gary Proffitt (February 07, 2014, 02:14PM )

    Wow, readers as the finder of these amazing plots of intelligently made areas of Martian land, I could not believe my eyes today (4-2-14)when I read about the history of Mars as known to the Romans as a God and had I found these in there time Rome would of rejoiced at this incredible evidence. The reason for this is that Mars was essentially an agricultural god. He was called Mars Gradivus, ‘to become big, to grow’ but became the god of war later. When I named this area Quadrata Martis I had no idea that in Roman mythology, At Rome where he was worshipped as Mars, he had a sacrarium on the Palatine Hill in the Roma Quadrata of Romulus.This is simply amazing when you put it all together and I am now so happy that I named this area in what I saw which was squares of land with a strange 25 metre face that is something that you should all see(first snapshot, second are the "Quadrata", squares) and though you are probably not Romans I thank you for reading.

  2. DPaul Sparks

    DPaul Sparks (February 07, 2014, 01:31AM )

    Gary Proffitt - good work at identifying these, and putting some thought into how & why they are...there. It is possible, however...that that same species/intelligence/culture that places these on Mars...also put them on Earth. They - in fact - are found in numerous disparate regions of the Earth. Thanks for the views!

  3. Gary Proffitt

    Gary Proffitt (January 25, 2014, 10:00PM )

    Not sure what these folks were farming, all I know is it wasn't corn and it isn't Kansas!

  4. Gary Proffitt

    Gary Proffitt (January 24, 2014, 07:22PM )

    There are three important reasons why Mars hosted mega-fauna as opposed to average as we would class, sized animals. 1.....Ice ages always encourage Mega forms of life to keep in the heat and energy reserves and keep out the cold. 2.....Water can also be stored better in droughts if you can increase your body mass. 3.....Low gravity will allow the super sizing of organic forms without meeting stress limitations of molecular combinations of organic materials. . Also subsurface animals could reach even bigger sizes as they are supported by surrounding solid materials.

  5. Gary Proffitt

    Gary Proffitt (January 24, 2014, 07:13PM )

    "Mars is illustrated as dead and always uninhabited because many intelligent people thought all you had to do was send a poor quality camera to Mars in the sixties and Oceans, forests and Martians would magically grace the lens, all they could recognise from the returned downloaded data was dust and craters and its this sort of narrow minded attitude towards science and honouring the poor quality of the sttus Quo of human knowledge that will continually thwart all space exploration when the plain fact is that there is enough observational evidence to suggest that life did exist and mega fauna for that matter that hides beneath the surface away from the ultra violet radiation and closer to the abundant subsurface h2o and that this has been farmed by past civilisations that themselves looking at this evidence also partly live underground with enough intelligence to construct complex arrangements of farmed wetlands and underground complexes and it is not impossible to then imagine that the descendants of this species and others may still be present on Mars and that we need to search underground which is the only place left for certain where life could be present on this inhospitable planet."

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