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Sunset Bay State Park, OR by Scott Johnson

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About This Gigapan

Taken by
Scott Johnson Scott Johnson
Explore score
5.05 Gigapixels
Date added
Feb 24, 2014
Date taken
Feb 22, 2014

This outcrop of sandstone and siltstone perfectly illustrates the concepts of strike and dip that geologists use to describe the orientation of rock layers. The direction the ridges on the ground here point marks the strike of the layers, while the "tilt" (with respect to horizontal) visible in the cliff wall shows the dip.

In other words, if you could put a ball on this layer, it would roll downward in the direction of the dip. At 90 degrees (compass direction) from that, you'd have the direction of the strike.

On a geologic map, this would be illustrated with a line in the direction of the strike, and a tick mark on that line pointing in the direction the layer is dipping downward (to the right, in this picture). The angle that the layer is dipping downward from horizontal would be written next to the symbol.
You can see an example here: geology.about.com/od/maps/ss/How-To-Read-A-Geologic-Map_5.htm Will open in a new tab or window

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