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Brasilia Teatro Nacional by Adonai Rocha

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Adonai Rocha Adonai Rocha
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0.13 Gigapixels
Date added
Mar 22, 2009
Date taken
Mar 21, 2009



National Theater
The National Theater, by Oscar Niemeyer, in the shape of a truncated pyramid, is adorned with an array of concrete cubes and rectangles designed by Brazilian architect Athos Bulcão. It has 3,608 panes of glass on the east and west sides, and hundreds of white cubes with varying dimensions on the north and south walls.
In a city where impressive monuments are everywhere, the National Claudio Santoro Theater is one of most striking and popular of all.
Despite being a masterpiece of modernist architecture and the only city in the world built in the 20th century to be awarded (in 1987) the status of Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, Brasilia monuments and assets suffer of natural and man-made threats, such as: Neglect and Inadequate Maintenance; Natural Aging; Lack of Financial Resources; Lack of Public Awareness; Pollution; Inappropriate Prior Conservation; Vandalism, Looting and Inadequate Planning.
Athos Bulcão sculptured cubes have been removed for “restoration” by the local government and were not returned to its original place for many months now. Vandals have spraypainted the Theater main side, on 14th of March 2009.
More about Brasilia: The Capital City of Brazil created ex nihilo (out of nothing) in the centre of the country in 1956, was a landmark in the history of town planning. Inaugurated in 1960 (April 21st) it has a population of about 2,557,000 as of the 2008 census estimate, making it the fourth largest city in Brazil.

Hold an exhibit of our panoramic photographs, promote Brasilia and help support Brasilias Project. Embassies, libraries, museums, galleries, schools, public and private organizations and individuals worldwide may hold our exhibit. Visit www.brasilias.com.br Will open in a new tab or window and order an exhibition-in-a-box. We ship worldwide.
Teatro Nacional Cláudio Santoro
Projeto de Oscar Niemeyer tem a forma de pirâmide irregular, com a fachada em cubos e retângulos, numa composição de Athos Bulcão. No foyer, podem ser vistas as esculturas O Contorcionista, de Alfredo Ceschiatti e O Pássaro, de Marianne Peretti, além do projeto paisagístico de Burle Marx. Possui três salas de espetáculo: Villa Lobos, Martins Penna e Alberto Nepomuceno.
Apesar de Brasília ser um Patrimônio Cultural da Humanidade, UNESCO, desde 7 de dezembro de 1987, os seu patrimônio vem sofrendo riscos naturais e causados pelo Homem. A educação patrimonial é um tema ausente ou pouco comum na atual agenda do ensino brasileiro.
Em 14 de março de 2009 o Teatro Nacional sofreu uma pichação na sua parede principal. Os cubos de Athos Bulcão já haviam sido removidos pelo governo do DF, para serem “restaurados”, porém até hoje não voltaram para seu lugar original.
Visitação: Diariamente das 9 às 20h.
Telefone: (61) 3325 6105
Informações sobre Brasília: A construção de Brasília teve início em 1956. A Capital foi inaugurada oficialmente em 21 de abril de 1960. Hoje é a quarta maior cidade do Brasil, com mais de 2.557.000 habitantes (Censo 2008).

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