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Titan Chamber Left by John Toeppen

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About This Gigapan

Taken by
John Toeppen John Toeppen
Explore score
1.23 Gigapixels
Date added
Apr 15, 2009
Date taken
Apr 14, 2009

Titan is a laser target chamber at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory and is the site of many high energy physics experiments. Pulses of extreme power are delivered in very short periods of time to study the properties of materials and find a path to fusion energy.. Read more about the lasers, chamber, and physics here:
jlf.llnl.gov/html/facilities/titan/titan.html Will open in a new tab or window
The images are also experimental as this is one of a pair of images used to create a ā€œ3Dā€ stereoscopic pair. Viewing the image is a bit tedious because the software is simply not quite there yet. It is common practice to view side by side stereo images on the computer. The most popular way involves no special glasses and is called "crossed viewing" - a technique described here:

home.comcast.net/~holographics/cross.html Will open in a new tab or window
Once you have learned this method it can become relatively easy to do, and works really well. To view this image pair you have to open the other side of the image in a separate Gigapan window and adjust the two images so they are looking at the same area and at the same size. The images need to be at the same height or the head needs to be tilted somewhat to make up for any alignment errors. While it would be nice to have stereo adjustments in GigaPan connecting the two windows (or even a macro) this is not there yet. Available stereo software chokes on images of this size but is really nice for smaller images: stereo.jpn.org/eng/stphmkr/index.html Will open in a new tab or window
These are full screen windows that you would use to try crossed viewing:

of the left image:

and of the right image:

I have another pair here:


Gigapan Comments (1)

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  1. Jason Buchheim

    Jason Buchheim (January 10, 2010, 05:41PM )

    Very Fun 3-D Gigapan! Interesting subject matter and nice 3-D effect. View in amazing Stereoscopic 3D Anaglyph here www.3dpan.org/3d/21073-21072-60-60  Will open in a new tab or window and many more 3-D Gigapixel Images here: www.3dpan.org Will open in
a new tab or window

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Stitcher Notes


GigaPan Stitcher version 0.4.3864 (Windows)
Panorama size: 1234 megapixels (40565 x 30444 pixels)
Input images: 420 (21 columns by 20 rows)
Field of view: 40.1 degrees wide by 30.1 degrees high (top=4.2, bottom=-25.9)
All default settings
Original image properties:
Camera make: Canon
Camera model: Canon PowerShot SX110 IS
Image size: 3456x2592 (9.0 megapixels)
Capture time: 2009-04-14 16:19:33 - 2009-04-14 16:57:29
Aperture: f/8
Exposure time: 0.25
ISO: 80
Focal length (35mm equiv.): 357.6 mm
Digital zoom: off
White balance: Fixed
Exposure mode: Manual
Horizontal overlap: 37.1 to 55.6 percent
Vertical overlap: 29.9 to 59.4 percent
Computer stats: 2045.21 MB RAM, 2 CPUs
Total time 11:39:30 (1:39 per picture)
Alignment: 52:17, Projection: 52:10, Blending: 9:55:02

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