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whereRU: Aresty Poster 2 - Conception Rates of Estrus-synchronized Dairy Heifers in Three Different Breeding Protocols by Aresty Posters 2009

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Taken by
Aresty Posters 2009 Aresty Posters 2009
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0.06 Gigapixels
Date added
May 27, 2009
Date taken
May 26, 2009

Full Title: Conception Rates of Estrus-synchronized Dairy Heifers in
Three Different Breeding Protocols

New approaches to estrus detection are aimed at providing automated
detection of standing heat in dairy cattle using electronic
technology, so as to eliminate labor-intensive daily behavioral
observations. Bovine activity and movement increase significantly when
the female comes into estrus. This provides an opportunity for
electronic activity monitoring to replace time-consuming behavioral
observations. We hypothesized that insemination of 36
estrus-synchronized heifers based on measurement of activity or
observation of estrus will yield higher rates of conception than
breeding based on fixed-time insemination. All heifers in the study
were fitted with motion-sensing activity monitor collars which collect
and transmit data into a computer program, HeatimeĀ®. The heifers were
randomly assigned to three treatment groups. Group B (n=13) was
inseminated based on three times daily observation for behavioral
estrus; Group H (n=11), based on notification of peak activity by
HeatimeĀ®; and Group T (n=12), fixed time. Twenty-two heifers were
confirmed pregnant at 39 days by ultrasound. Our hypothesis was not
supported, as Group B heifers tended to exhibit a higher conception
rate than both Group H and Group T heifers. Results suggest that
observation of behavioral estrus is more reliable than both HeatimeĀ®
automated estrus detection and fixed-time insemination.

Linda Marie Pedro, Aresty Presenter, lmpedro@eden.rutgers.edu
Dr. Larry Katz, Advisor, katz@aesop.rutgers.edu

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  1. Roelof van der Schaaf

    Roelof van der Schaaf (May 29, 2009, 10:46AM )

    This is one of the best panorama pictures I have seen in ages, no abuse, no lack of tech's, it is just so nice, specially zooming in and exploring, this a an excellent contribution to the gigapan site and system.

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