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Comments on Gigapan: Schonbrunn Gardens

Gigapan Comments (2)

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  1. Frank Neuperger

    Frank Neuperger (October 15, 2009, 07:51AM )

    Settings were the same as previous work that was not banded. This was shot at F8, the maximum F number for my camera. A possibility is that at max zoom, I do not usually recalibrate FOV and I noticed on a later set up that setting zoom to the max of 18x optical does not always result in the exact same actual FOV. I think my FOV was smaller than what was calibrated and this is evident in the sticher notes where it says horizontal overlap is 3.1 to 12.2%. Yikes that is low overlap and even risks gaps due to backlash in the mechanics. Ignore vertical overlap notes because the 66% is an artifact of the stitching messed up in part of the pano.

  2. Bruce Perry

    Bruce Perry (October 13, 2009, 07:30PM )

    Were your camera settings any different for this one than others? autofocus off? F stop set to something suitable? Mine needs F8 or so to avoid vignetting. If the overlap was the only difference, I'd lean that way.