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Gigapan Comments (2)

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  1. Da-Yuan Tung

    Da-Yuan Tung (September 20, 2008, 07:26AM )

    Great Pano! I have a question about how to mount your D200 to your Gigapan. Is there a pointer/link that I can follow and see how it's done? Never mind, found your pointers in other page, www.gigapan.org/viewGigapan.php?id= 2898Any more info on making the L bracket?

  2. Roger

    Roger (March 12, 2008, 05:42AM )

    Thanks for this really impressive panorama. I never have seen such a ski mountain. I compared this pano to the original trail maps at www.aspensnowmass.com/onmountain/t railmaps/default.cfm Will open in
a new tab or window. The only runs to this Deep Temerity Lift are steep and mogul. And it looks much more dangerous at your pano because of the shadows and the perspective (I hope so ;)). It's the first time I inform me about a ski resort outside Europe and there are some funny differences: The trail maps are incredible unclear (compared to Austria or Swiss style: www.davos.ch/framePopupNobanner_de .htm?url=static_pgs/panoramakarten/panomap_nord.ph p?lang=deu&Title=Skimap Will open in
a new tab or window - Rechte Talseite). Maybe I'm not used to read such maps. And it was much more difficult to identify this pano, because the Deep Temerity Lift is not listed in the flash version. ;) All runs have funny names. I like names like "Moment of truth" and "Seperator". In Austria and Swiss ski runs have only numbers. :( Forests go up to 3500m. In Europe forests end at a height of 1600m, so it's easier to built ski runs, but they are more exposed to wind (less powder :().