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Comments on Gigapan: HymDrawer1 (ISO100)

Gigapan Comments (2)

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  1. NCSU Insect Museum ncsuinsectmuseum

    NCSU Insect Museum ncsuinsectmuseum (January 15, 2010, 10:38AM )

    We are planning on imaging all of the drawers in our museum, so people all over the world will be able to view the collection with ease. While we have not worked out all of the issues, we are now using a lighting system that lets us get a bigger depth of field. A new one using the new lights and setup is posted at www.gigapan.org/gigapans/40758/ . For equipment we are using please visit our blog at blog.insectmuseum.org Will open in
a new tab or window.

  2. Stoney Vintson

    Stoney Vintson (December 11, 2009, 10:33AM )

    Great job! Will you be using this for a biology class? Doing close up shots ( not 1:1 Macro ) is difficult with an imager which rotates on an axis due to the narrow depth of field. Photographing the panorama in a linear fashion where you keep the camera at a constant distance and the normal vector from the camera lens is orthogonal ( 90 degrees ) to the plane ( surface ) of the specimen tray.