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Looking out across Tioga Pass, Dana Meadows, Gaylor Lakes, Tuolumne Meadows and the High Sierra peaks from atop Gaylor Peak by Joel Baldwin

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About This Gigapan

Taken by
Joel Baldwin Joel  Baldwin
Explore score
8.75 Gigapixels
Date added
Jun 01, 2010
Date taken
Jul 12, 2009

Canon SX10IS


In the left portion of the shot you can see Hwy 120 coming up from the area of Lee Vining and Mono Lake. It winds past Ellery (far) and Tioga (near)Lakes. The high point in the center of the frame is Mt Dana with the meadows in mid-center frame and to the right being Dana Meadows. The Tioga Pass entrance gate to Yosemite is hidden by the rock outcropping in lower center foreground, but just to the left of it you can see the cars lined up waiting to get in. The lower right of the frame is Lower Gaylor Lake and the Gaylor lakes basin with Tuolumne Meadows in the distance above the far right lake.

I consider this shot a failure. Despite this failure it is still an amazing picture and well worth posting.

You ask "What is the failure?" It isn't apparent until you zoom quite a ways in. Many of the frames have motion blur.

This was one of the most grueling shoots I've done to date. The hike up to this point was pretty easy. But the main problem soon became apparent while I was setting up the tripod and it was almost blown away by the wind. I ended up having to stack rocks in the tripods cross-members to keep the tripod from blowing over and stand in a broad stance to keep myself from being blown over. This spot was on an exposed ridge and the wind seemed to be being forced onto the one spot where I wanted to take the Gigapan from. Within 20 feet on both sides were spots where there wasn't any wind. At this one spot however, the wind was probably blowing 20 to 40 miles an hour. This wind was also causing another problem. The clouds were constantly moving and the moving shadows was wreaking havoc.

The motion blur on frames is from the wind. The tripod wasn't moving, but the beta Gigapan I was using was vibrating like a guitar string during every gust. The low precision base hub bearings were rocking back and forth as well as the camera and camera arm/tray. I'm pleased that these low precision bearings seem to have been fixed in the Epic 100 I just received. I'm looking forward to trying it out this summer.

The dark square blobs are from the clouds and their shadows. For the first half of the Gigapan on the left I tried suspending/resuming to skip the cloud's shadows as they zoomed across the landscape. Clouds in this portion of the Gigapan were going to be much more apparent and they were also occurring more frequently, something about the way the clouds were forming over the pass. For the last half of the shot I didn't even try, in part because of the shadows not being as obvious in the shot, in part from complete fatigue. I'd been standing over this damm thing for over 2 hours and just wanted it be over with! My fingers were numb and I was starting to have trouble moving them! The shoot ended up being 2124 images (not all of which ended up being used) and took almost 3 hours.

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