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hayat Bakshi begum masjid by Ravinder Reddy Duggempudi

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Ravinder Reddy Duggempudi Ravinder Reddy Duggempudi
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0.24 Gigapixels
Date added
Aug 02, 2010
Date taken
Aug 02, 2010



Hayat Bakshi Begum Mosque is located at Hayatnagar, to east of Hyderabad. It is a fairly large mosque with a façade of five arches. The mosque was constructed between 1672-1672 during the reign of Abdullah Qutb Shah.
It has a large Caravan Sarai around a 150 m x 130 m courtyard. Hathi Bauli is a very large structure in the north-east of the mosque

The Qutub Shahis built a number of masjids all over Golkonda and Hyderabad, and almost every tomb has a masjid adjacent. The biggest and the grandest such masjid is by the mausoleum of Hayat Bakshi Begum. Popularly known as the great masjid of the Golkonda tombs, it was built in 1666 A.D. Fifteen cupolas decorate the roof and the prayer-hall is flanked by two lofty minarets. The impression, as a whole, is one of majesty and splendour. The inscriptions in the masjid are master-pieces of calligraphic art.
Hayat Bakshi Begum was the daughter of Muhammed Quli Qutub Shah, the fifth Sultan, the wife of Sultan Muhammed Qutub Shah, the sixth Sultan and the mother of Abdullah Qutub Shah, the seventh Sultan. She was affectionately known as 'Ma Saheba' (Revered Mother). The tomb-garden of the Sultans of Golkonda was known as Lagar-e-Faiz Athar (a place for bountiful entertainment) in the days of the Qutub Shahi rulers, for some item or song or dance or even an occasional play was staged here every evening, free of cost, to entertain the poor.

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