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About This Gigapan

Taken by
The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661"
Explore score
0.36 Gigapixels
Date added
Oct 04, 2011
Date taken
Oct 04, 2011

Gigapan Pro + Canon 7D + Canon...


A shady spot in Parade Gardens.

The first image in the sequence is gigapan.org/gigapans/89033/

Gigapan Comments (6)

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  1. David Engle

    David Engle (October 06, 2011, 05:20AM )

    What attracted me originally to the hand snapshot, gigapan.org/gigapans/89033/snapshot s/240539/ was that to my eye, the third hand appeared to be different than the lady's hand, which could then only be explained as her boyfriend's hand, but we do not see him because he vaporized in the next column. Although my explanation may verge as being out-of-this-world, I rather like it for as we know, there are indeed fleeting moments: gigapan.org/gigapans/15029/snapshot s/44250/

  2. The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661"

    The Gigapanographer Currently Known as "Kilgore661" (October 06, 2011, 05:06AM )

    It is real. The third hand is caused by the girl moving while the gigapan was being made. This happens often when people are in a gigapan. See www.gigapan.org/gigapans/11099/ for many more examples.

  3. khaled avo

    khaled avo (October 05, 2011, 07:48PM )

    is this photo realy or make it by photo shop the girl who watching phone had 3 hand is she new kind of girl

  4. David Engle

    David Engle (October 05, 2011, 11:18AM )

    cmlbath, you must have missed this snapshot conversation: gigapan.org/gigapans/88986/snapshot s/240286/

  5. David Engle

    David Engle (October 05, 2011, 11:15AM )

    You have done well by the GigaPan title, Indian Summer, which is an exact description of this recent occurrence. Wikipedia's link, en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Indian_summe r Will open in a new tab or window has an recent BBC article link explaining to the world what an Indian Summer is ... it is unfortunate that the BBC did not know about your wonderful GigaPans.

  6. C Lloyd

    C Lloyd (October 05, 2011, 07:17AM )

    Hard to believe that this is October! However, it is two days later now, and rather chilly.

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