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Group: Maps

About Maps

All kinds of maps, topographic maps, representations of geographical data, GIS analysis, Remote Sensing data etc. If you need help getting your own maps & sat images up onto gigapan for others to view then I'm happy to help. If you need a map or satellite mosaic of any strange and interesting place I will either know where to start looking (or might even already have what you need...) I have been mapping landmines, forests, biodiversity and other interesting things for over two decades around the World.

Please contact either via PM on this site or thru the links below:

Twitter feed: Mekong_Maps

www.linkedin.com/in/mekongmaps Will open in a new tab or window/
www.MekongMaps.com Will open in a new tab or window

More maps at www.behance.net/Ian_Thomas Will open in a new tab or window
unfortunately only low-resolution previews until uploaded to Gigapan.)

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