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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Recent Posts
MJ McMahon MJ McMahon
Posted: Mar 2, 2015

Topic: Web Site and Forum / view count

I have experienced the same problem for the last week or so. Your posting is the only reference to the issue I could find…

R Bruijn R Bruijn
Posted: Feb 21, 2015

Topic: Web Site and Forum / view count

wunder why my viewcount doesnt work, it stays on 0

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Posted: Feb 18, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

I agree about ICE. They have a brand new version that was just released. I haven’t had a chance to try it out with a structured Gigapan yet. Maybe it’ll be better.

Autopano might work, but many like this: http://www.ptgui.com/info/panorama_software.html

It’s free too. It was a bit too confusing for me, but perhaps you can figure it out.

Nir Levy Nir Levy
Posted: Feb 7, 2015

Topic: Digital Cameras on Gigapan / Epic Pro with Panasonic GH4 or GH3


i have the epic pro and i want to use it with my new Panasonic GH4 but the control cable that came with the EPIC PRO only trigger the video and NOT the stills.
What should i do ?

Thank you.

Alexander Marcopulos Alexander Marco...
Posted: Feb 7, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

I’ve been using ICE for a while now, but the structured pano function seems to create more errors then the gigastich software.

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Posted: Feb 7, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

By the way, get Microsoft ICE. It’s a good, free stitch program that I use more than the Gigapan stitch program. Autopano is also a good one, though a little expensive.

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Posted: Feb 6, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

Since everyone was laid off I doubt you’ll get any support at the moment.

Alexander Marcopulos Alexander Marco...
Posted: Feb 6, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

Has anybody been successful at contacting the tech support/customer support group?

I just got an epic 100 and would like to get it registered for the software license…

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Feb 5, 2015

Topic: Stitch / missing images

If you know where/how many images are missing, it’s pretty easy. Open one of your existing images so that the size and resolution will match. Fill it with a solid color, and save as with a new name. add it to stitch and drag it into position in the image sequence. Repeat as many times as needed to fill all of the holes, and stitch. I honestly don’t remember if you’ll need multiple copies or if one can be added multiple times, but that will be obvious once you start.

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Posted: Feb 4, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

Unfortunately I think that since the hardware side of Gigapan is transitioning to a different company that the old Gigapan tech people are gone. Apparently they were working for free…for months thinking they were going to get paid and that never happened. You can look it up in the Oregon newspaper. Sad. http://www.bizjournals.com/portland/blog/2014/1…

As for the dead batteries, it sucks that it dies, but take the batteries out of the unit when not in use and see if your batteries last longer. My batteries don’t last very long either and I normally need to charge them even if I hadn’t use them after the last charge. Not sure if they used the K-mart specials when it came to battery design but it sure seems that way. Good luck!

OANRP Monitoring Program OANRP Monitorin...
Posted: Feb 2, 2015

Topic: Stitch / missing images

I discovered that I have missing images in the middle of my panorama, but cannot retake them because the subject is part of a time series study. Is there any way to stitch the panorama with the area that had missing images simply blacked out? It doesn’t have to be pretty, I just need the surrounding imagery for data analysis.

sarakfeely B sarakfeely B
Posted: Jan 31, 2015

Topic: Stitch / Lost my License Key

You can contact through email…

Mark Rich Mark Rich
Posted: Jan 28, 2015

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Getting more gigapans geocoded

Hi, Interesting, the geolocate screen doesn’t even work for me now. Still, have you tried entering the coordinates as decimals? That was the only way they would work for me before. 38.69861, 92.25833

jung mingyo jung mingyo
Posted: Jan 23, 2015

Topic: Stitch / jumbled and twisted stitch output

360˚ panoramic images were taken using a gigapan. When you create a panoramic image stitching program them generated a lot of stitching errors. In addition, the problem arises that do not fit vertically, horizontally. Please tell us about the shoot tips and tricks stitching program used to solve this problem.

Ron Dean Ron Dean
Posted: Jan 22, 2015

Topic: Gigapan Brand / No support

1. How come it is impossible to leave a message for tech support if you are a basic member

2. Why is there no help for users with dead batteries when it is such a volatile point? I have only used my Pro 3 times because I can not keep power in the battery?

Backup sucks

Redwoodtwig Redwoodtwig
Posted: Jan 19, 2015

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Getting more gigapans geocoded

I just spent an hour trying to geolocate the panorama I recently uploaded. I have the exact UTM coordinates, but apparently that is not the numbers expected since it placed it east of Spain instead of in Missouri. I saw that my 38°41’55" input had been rendered as 38 and my 92°15’30" W (which I put a minus sign in front of) came out at 9. I was unable to determine anyway to change those. I tried the address and nothing happened. Your old geolocate was a lot simpler and it worked.

Also, when you arrive at the page there’s a large headline that says double click your gigapan. But it’s no longer visible…

Gigapan Curator Gigapan Curator
Posted: Nov 24, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Gigapan Epic Line of Robotic Camera Mounts Acquired by OmegaBrandess

Gigapan Epic Line of Robotic Camera Mounts Acquired by OmegaBrandess
Enables Expanded Production and Allows Gigapan to Focus On Digital Products

Portland, Ore. – November 21st, 2014 – Gigapan is pleased to announce that its Epic division of robotic camera mounts has been acquired by OmegaBrandess.

Gigapan EPIC robotic mounts empower cameras to take hundreds, even thousands of photos, which are combined to create one highly detailed image with amazing depth and clarity. The Gigapan EPIC and EPIC 100 are compatible with a broad range of point-and-shoot cameras and small DSLRs to capture panoramic images quickly and accurately. Light and compact, they are easy-to-use and remarkably efficient. The EPIC Pro is designed to work with DSLR cameras and larger lenses, features advanced technology, and delivers stunning performance and precision. Strong enough to hold a camera and lens combination of up to 10 pounds, the EPIC Pro enables users to capture enormous panoramas with crisp and vivid detail.

Gigapan was formed in 2008 as a commercial spin-off of the successful research collaboration between a team of researchers at NASA and Carnegie Mellon University. The company’s mission has been to bring this powerful, high-resolution imaging capability to a broad audience. The original Gigapan prototype and related software were devised by a team led by Randy Sargent, a senior systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon West and the NASA Ames Research Center in Moffett Field, Calif., and Illah Nourbakhsh, an associate professor of robotics at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh.

“OmegaBrandess is a leading distributor and manufacturer of photography related technologies and products, a respected brand, with a loyal following. They are the perfect company to grow our products moving forward,” said Jason Larson, Chief Executive Officer, Gigapan. “OmegaBrandess has the expertise and resources necessary to meet the market demand for the Epic line of products, and to continue to advance its features. This is very positive news for our users worldwide.”

Gigapan will continue to focus on supporting and developing its digital products, including their hosting and viewing at www.gigapan.com, Stitch/Stitch.Efx and Capture Studio.

For all orders and inquires about the Epic line of products, OmegaBrandess can be contacted at: gigapan@omegabrandess.com

For all orders and inquires for Gigapan digital products, Gigapan can be contacted at: customerservice@gigapansystems.com

All media inquires, please contact: press@gigapan.com

Kenneth B. Headley Kenneth B. Head...
Posted: Nov 14, 2014

Topic: Products / What's up with the Gigapan store?

I have same problem I cannot register or contact anyone

Gigapan Curator Gigapan Curator
Posted: Nov 14, 2014

Topic: Products / What's up with the Gigapan store?


Please email us.


Gigapan Curator Gigapan Curator
Posted: Nov 14, 2014

Topic: Stitch / Why can't i buy Stitch EFX?


Please email us.


Mark Rich Mark Rich
Posted: Nov 13, 2014

Topic: Stitch / Why can't i buy Stitch EFX?

Hi Brian,

A few of us are in similar circumstances as Gigapan are undergoing a bit of a “transition” at the moment.

The sales and support have basically been offline for about two months so far.

The good news is that OmegaBrandess do appear to be attempting to ramp up the brand again – see http://www.omegabrandess.com/GIGAPAN

About 10 days ago there was a brief period of some contact from support staff, but it appears things have gone quiet again.

I think we just need to give the new company some time to come up to speed and to work out the best way forward – can’t be a small task for them.



brian emery brian emery
Posted: Nov 10, 2014

Topic: Stitch / Why can't i buy Stitch EFX?

GIGAPAN- WHERE ARE YOU? I’ve been trying to buy Stitch EFX but the online store is not working. I have tried contacting customer support and I get no response. I tried registering the software with an older license key and I get nothing. Can anyone help me buy Stitch EFX? I can’t understand why nothing is working!!!
If customer support is watching this, please help me!!!

jaif 2001 jaif 2001
Posted: Nov 8, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Is it worth trying???

I guess that Gigapan’s sever will stop immediately.

Does anyone know tools or methods to save or salvage Gigapan garally data ?

ex.Batch download tiles and joint to big tiff…..

Mark Rich Mark Rich
Posted: Nov 5, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Is it worth trying???

Hi Olivier,

Interesting find.

As it’s a cable designed to trip the camera in the length of time of a camera flash it would be interesting to know if it has both the focus and shutter connectors wired up, and in the correct order?

If it does, in theory I suppose you could then go:

1) Your SONY multiconnector camera to 2.5mm plug cable find – http://www.aliexpress.com/item/2-5mm-Remote-Shu…
2) 2.5mm female to female adaptor – http://www.mcmelectronics.com/product/DISTRIBUT
3.1) EPIC 100 flat connector to 2.5mm plug – http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/744593-RE…
3.2) EPIC Pro USB connector to 2.5mm plug – http://www.adorama.com/GPCBL1500.html

This would then handle either of the Gigapan units without any modification and a quick change between Epic 100 and Pro.

Of course that doesn’t cover if we should be using various resistors etc.

gigapan gigapan
Posted: Nov 3, 2014

Topic: Products / Do you have an Epic PRO? (Need charger info)

Graham and Mark, please email me.