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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Recent Posts
Pal Szilagyi Palko Pal Szilagyi Pa...
Posted: Jun 21, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Tag

Hi all,

Please check our first project with the Facebook tag option. At the bottom of the page is the link for the gigapanorama:


David Senesac David Senesac
Posted: Jun 19, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / EPIC 100 disappointing start

Hello Folks,

My first post in this community. I purchased an EPIC 100 last week from B&H Photo then received it yesterday and tried it out last night that has subsequently resulted in an RMA where I will be receiving an exchange. In my return letter placed the following paragraph:

The basic issue with unit H00xxxxBPS to an observer is the LCD display intermittently changes without any buttons being actuated if the unit is simply moved or lightly touched. The LCD display should only change menu modes after one of the 5 buttons are pushed. Note I thoroughly read the online User Manual before using the unit. A camera does not need to be mounted to check this. Note the battery levels I used were between 7.5v and 7.8v as read by the Menu Battery check position. That fault is most sensitive when it is oriented on end though that is not the position for normal operation however most readily identifies something is wrong. In that position merely slightly shaking will make the display change modes. If the Menu is put into a given mode and then the unit is allowed to sit without being touched even for several minutes, it will correctly remain in that mode. But then again if then even slightly moved may change immediately. In the Field of View setup that requires motor movement during button pushing, the motors usually move without buttons being pushed making that calibration difficult. Thus my diagnosis is possibly a connector inside is not securely connecting and thus unlikely any faulty electronic ic or device. Or possibly a bad crimp on a connector wire.

I did send an email to gigapan customer support early this morning but have not yet received a response. But as an electronic hardware tech and test engineer for 4 decades in Silicon Valley, it was obvious per above something was faulty so went ahead with the RMA. And have perused these forums to see if there are any threads with similar problems which I did not see.

I was able to finally set the unit up once despite the above difficulty and the unit performed nicely taking a 4×2 image matrix via the Button Pusher with my A6000 mounted with its kit lens. Am looking forward to receiving the replacement and expect to make considerable use of the robotic mount mainly with the A6000 with a Sigma SI6028DNSEB or Sony SEL55210 and may also see what it can do with my old beat up G10. Have done enough stitching manually to appreciate the potential efficiency, dependability of position, and ease of work a robotic mound offers. My main photography interest is color landscapes and nature with most work the last decade plus with a view camera shooting film.

Ron Schott Ron Schott
Posted: Jun 11, 2014

Topic: Embedding / Outdoor image for EyeTrack Research

There are two planes and a boat hidden in this 13.25 Gpx image of Donnell Lake if it meets your needs: http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/114032

Steven Gutfreund Steven Gutfreun...
Posted: Jun 10, 2014

Topic: Embedding / Outdoor image for EyeTrack Research

I am looking for a public usable Gigapixel image that we can use for an internal R&D project (non-profit) where we will have candidates looking for objects (e.g. planes, boats, people) in a GigaPixel image. We are going to be using eye-tracking software to figure out the affordances for zoom and pan.

I prefer something bigger than 10Gpx, and ideally it can be a SINGLE (mrSID, JP2, or JPEG image). If it already is a tilel pyramid, I can also stitch that toegether (and then re-dice for my software).

Our viewer will not be the GigaPan software, so we need the “raw” imagery.

Nicklas Westberg Nicklas Westber...
Posted: Jun 8, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Power cord icon


Why is the power cord icon shows on the display,
both with the charger connected and also without?

Can’t find any information about this.


matt roffe matt roffe
Posted: Jun 7, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / problem with viewer

hoping someone can help me here. My first giga that i uploaded i can view fine on here. since then i have tried several others. they upload no problem through the uploader. then on my portfolio page it shows as being present and there are details such as how big it is but the image itself is white.. if i click on it ot open the viewer the same. just white and i cannot see any image atall. i have tried this on several computers and several browsers all up to date.. Can anyone shed any light on this atall please. .Much appreciated

Douglas Robertson Douglas Roberts...
Posted: Jun 6, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Print Sales Accounting

Prints seem to be made. There seems to be no record. Has anyone ever gotten a check? Is there any transparency at all?. Monetizing prints through the Account setting seems to function. I don’t think I have sold a gigabuncha prints, but some people theoretically have. Has anybody had an experience worthy of sharing?

Tim Brown Tim Brown
Posted: Jun 4, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Epic100 limits?

This might work better (when they finally ship in the fall)

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Jun 3, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Epic100 limits?

Agreed. I have all 3 EPIC models as well as 2 different Nodal Ninja spherical heads and a pole. I can tell you from experience that the EPIC imagers are not suited to spherical panorama shooting. The camera doesn’t sit high enough, so the robot would cover most of the Nadir.

Nathan Wong Nathan Wong
Posted: Jun 3, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Epic100 limits?

As far as I know you can’t do what you’re saying with either unit. They shoot in sequence but don’t do one here, three there, four here unless you put the units on manual and press the shutter buttons yourself.

Glen David Short Glen David Shor...
Posted: May 31, 2014

Topic: Stitch / Exposure, Cropping, Adjustments

1. If you shoot on a day with broken cloud, expect patchy, dark-and-bright results, unless you use the pause button and wait till the cloudy or sunny conditions return.
2. Shooting RAW and playing around with the white point in post can sometimes mask brightness inconsistencies.
3. Gigapan’s own software does not crop. Setting your tripod and gigapan unit as straight as possible minimizes the jagged edge effect.
4. Gigapan EFX does not crop, but it does let you do some global editing and colour correction with regards to the overall image.
5. Regarding zooming on the viewer, it was introduced last year replacing the old static viewer, and despite many complaints about it at the time, it remains the only way to view your gigapan. A good compromise, in my opinion, would be to let the public decide if they want zooming on opening enabled, or static.
6. AutoPano Giga is more expensive than EFX, but has final cropping, anti-ghosting, more projection options, an option to equalize gamma, exposure, or colour, or any combination of the three, also you can adjust colour channels individually. Usually, but not always, I use APG to stitch. EFX also has global colour controls, but its best feature is you can stitch a 2000-image panorama with only 2gb RAM.
7. Dominic, unless you have opted in, only you can see the sale prices of your images. Try logging out and see if the prices info is still there. My guess is it will vanish.
8. Embedding code info appears when you open your own image. First click “Generate HTML”, then the embedding code will appear in the box below.

Happy gigapanning!

Remco van Blokland Remco van Blokl...
Posted: May 30, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Camera Double Shots?

Thanks Mosley, but I checked the Mirror Lock Up mode, but it was OFF, so that is not the problem; there is another issue: when I pause shooting and after 5 or 10 minutes the Epic Pro switches off automatically (that is correct), the camera takes at that moment a bunch of shots, suddenly, I think 10 or so, because of the signal between camera and epic pro

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: May 30, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Camera Double Shots?

One possibility is that the EPIC is set to Mirror Lock Up mode. Set that way, it would send the shutter impulse twice for each photo (once to raise the mirror and a second time to fire the shutter). It’s doubtful that there’s a problem with the connection – it’s more likely something set incorrectly on the EPIC, which has LOTS of options hiding in the menus. You need to go through the menus on the EPIC and see exactly how all of the options are set. The manual is here for reference:


Remco van Blokland Remco van Blokl...
Posted: May 30, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Camera Double Shots?

Hi everyone. Since I am using the Canon 5D mark 3 with 24mm TS lens and the Gigapan Epic Pro, it seems I got a problem with the remote connection between Gigapan and the camera.
When I want to make a 360 degrees pano it takes 2 shots instead of 1 wich I prefer in most cases; when I want to make a HDR 360 degree with 3 or 5 shots each position it makes 2×3 of 2×5 shots each position…… what is happening here? I did already install the latest firmware to the Epic Pro. Thanks!

Jason Adank Jason Adank
Posted: May 30, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / having the gigapan control my d800

Hi all,

Im tring to setup the gigapan to be the controller for my D800, but I’m having endless problems with the camera misfiring. I was following the steps on page 27 of the manual, and I set everything as I best understood it.

My basic test setup is to have the gigapan fire 3 brackets with a 2EV step. In my test case, I decided an aperture of f8 is what I wanted for dof. By spot metering and finding the middle, 1/4 seconds of shutter was my 0 exposure.

So on the gigapan, I:

- Under Options, set the brackets to 3.
- Under Options, set my EV step to 2
- Under Options, set time/exposure to 1/4
- Under Expert Options, set ShutterL to bulb.
- on my D800, set shutter speed to bulb
- I was confused on this point, manual says “set aperature to 0 EV”. well the aperture size I want to use is f8 and im in manual.

so i start a panorama as normal, and what happens is the camera takes two 0 exposure brackets and then the +2 bracket. never did the -1 bracket.

I’m stumped as to what Im doing wrong. Up until now, Ive been using the teach mode along with the d800’s aeb functions. but I can only do 1ev steps with my camera and I’d prefer to use 2 to get a wider range, and so the gigapan being the controller seemed like a good way to set it up… if I could just get it working! :D.

Dominic James Dominic James
Posted: May 26, 2014

Topic: Stitch / Exposure, Cropping, Adjustments

Hi GigaPan people and Jimmy Schaefer,

Hoping you can help. I too am new to the GigaPan head – EPIC PRO 100 and am having a few issues I could do with some advice on.

In respect of Jimmy’s question above, and the reply, is it correct to understand that we should either export the whole Gigapan to edit it – such as cropping it to get it straight edges, and/or export/save individual tiles and edit these in photoshop if for example we have people that have moved in a shot. However if we do either of these we can’t then use the default build software system for uploading. Rather we use the Upload software but lose the spherical Mercator projection. Is this correct please? I’m trying to clarify if we edit the default render, we lose the default ease of use and upload?

My next question is regarding the online viewing of the Gigapan. Can I set the default view of the GigaPan from anything other than in the centre? And can I have it zoomed in and set it. And can I stop from zooming so far out that you see the black edges. I could not find any options within the software before uploading to adjust or after I’d uploaded. Thank you.

Now I’ve looked through the forum to find answers I keep reading about some other software called Autopano Giga. I was not told about this software before I spent out on the ‘pro’ version of GigaPan Stitch.EFX. I’m I correct in understanding that the pro software does not do editing of the panorama within the software?

How do I turn off purchasing prints of my images, I was not aware I have agreed to sell my work? Should I have seen this somewhere. Does this have an effect on my copyright? I looked within the website account area but could not find an option to turn prints off. Thank you.

Where do I find the embedding code so my client can put the GigaPan on there website. Thank you.

Sorry if these sound like basic questions, I have spent hours this weekend trying to finish the first pano’s off and am feeling a little frustrated right now that I can’t do thing as I was expecting them and that I may now need other software and ways of delivering GigaPan images to my clients. Thank you.


Doug MacDonald Doug MacDonald
Posted: May 17, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Epic100 limits?

I know this is way too late but the Epic 100 is not going to do what you want. It uses a servo motor to actuate the camera and basically does the standard gigapan shoot and not much else. I’m not sure if the Pro would be flexible enough to shoot other than the prescribed basic gigapan shoot but the Epic 100 does not do anything fancy.

JCGamble JCGamble
Posted: May 15, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / HELP: GP Display Error = Gigapan Dead?

The Gigapan was tripped into a mode where it was expecting a firmware update. I uploaded the new firmware and I’m back in action. All is good.

JCGamble JCGamble
Posted: May 15, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / HELP: GP Display Error = Gigapan Dead?

Tested the Gigapan last week with no issues whatsoever and now on location to shoot panoramics, the LCD display is displaying black bars on rows 1 and 3 when I press the power button. Batteries are freshly charged.

Is there a way to reset the device or is this a type of know issue or problem? Never had this happen and seeing nothing online or in manuals about it.

See image here:

Tim Bartek Tim Bartek
Posted: May 11, 2014

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Mirror Lockup with Canon 7D

I have read a few posts about mirror lockup but I can’t seem to grasp the work flow. I am shooting my Gigapans with a Canon 70-200 MM Lens on a Canon 7D with auto exposure bracketing for HDR panoramics, so I think I would benefit from mirror lockup. If I set the mirror lockup solely on the Gigapan, it doesn’t sound to me that the mirror is locking up, even though the Gigapan says it is. When I also “Enable” mirror lockup on the 7D the mirror locks up but no pictures are taken. Where am I going wrong?

fazi3294 fazi3294
Posted: May 9, 2014

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Download GigaPans

Send me direct links to gigapans you want to restore.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Apr 28, 2014

Topic: Digital Cameras on Gigapan / gigapan pro with sony A-7

I’d check that SHUTTER MODE is set to “remote” and not manual. If it is, I’d contact customer service, because something may be broken (hopefully just a bad cable)

mark botkin mark botkin
Posted: Apr 26, 2014

Topic: Digital Cameras on Gigapan / gigapan pro with sony A-7

I have purchased the recommended electronic trigger cables to activate the shutter on the New Sony A-7 from the Gigapan Pro, but it still doesn’t work. anyone else try this?

grey films grey films
Posted: Apr 23, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Facing problem with number of photographs

Sorry to bother you, It was my fault only! My Gigapan was set to multi pictures. Got it solved now. Thank you. :)

grey films grey films
Posted: Apr 23, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Facing problem with number of photographs

Hi, Thank you for the quick response!
I am using a Canon 5D mark III dslr with a 100-400 lens and I didn’t get what “shutter method” you are talking about and it took 4 rows and 18 columns.
And sorry for posting it in a wrong thread! :)