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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Recent Posts
Ron Hipschman Ron Hipschman
Posted: Oct 2, 2014

Topic: Cold-weather Gigapanning / Does it work in cold weather?

I have the Gigapan beta mount and I did get it to work in -40C (or -40F, since they are the same…) at the South Pole. See here:

“South Pole Pan”:http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/14200

HOWEVER… I had to make a “glove” that fit over the entire mount that had pockets sewn in for hand warmers. Luckily, I had tested this before I went in a giant freezer at -35C where they store ice cores in Denver. See PARTIAL (before malfunction) pan here:

“National Ice Core Lab”:http://www.gigapan.com/gigapans/5414

If you can, keep it warmer somehow.

Stan14 Stan14
Posted: Sep 25, 2014

Topic: Digital Cameras on Gigapan / PowerShot G5 and EPIC

Since I cannot contact TechSupport from your web-page (btw, pls fix it!):
Canon Powershot G5 IS NOT compatible with GigaPan Epic – impossible to mount, and even with self-made adapter that moves camera back a little – still impossible to shift it enough to the left to center lens with the notch.

Rufus Brunt Rufus Brunt
Posted: Sep 23, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / cables - unreliable to complete rubbish

As I write my Nikon 10 pin cable has developed a loose connection. Recently replaced a Nikon D3200 cable after the plug came clean off – replacement did the same. Nikon D70 cable also has a fault.
We treat these with kid gloves because they are so delicate – quality seems to be a real issue, despite the astronomical price. I’ve raised this with Gigapan help 4 times and been resolutely ignored.
Does anyone know of an alternate supplier for higher quality cables.

lucy lucy
Posted: Sep 12, 2014

Topic: Digital Cameras on Gigapan / newbie questions

patience from more gigapaners!
I am using the Nikon D800E but my question is more to with lens length and stitching. The general gigapan forum is not working.
So, I thank you all in advance!

1. is the number of images taken on same project change with the focal length you shoot at.

2. I did a test with a 50 mm lens but when I stitched it … well it looks more like a less extreme fish … what did I do wrong. It was not a 180 degree pano.

Thanks so much and I am very excited to join the world of gigapan!
Lucy Unsworth

Jonathan Berger Jonathan Berger
Posted: Sep 4, 2014

Topic: Cold-weather Gigapanning / Does it work in cold weather?

hi can somebody told me if it work at minus 20┬░celcius? Like in a big frozen cellar?

Mark Busuttil Mark Busuttil
Posted: Sep 3, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Brand / Print Sales Accounting


I have tried Numerous times to contact gigapan support plus gigapan store in the past 26 days with no response. so i thought i try contacting you. My issues are i have been a member April 2012 and purchased gigapan stitch efx i had to recently reformat my computer and tried to install software again with the key i was given but says i have only 14 days trial. second issues is i purchased Nikon 10 pin cable and have not received it after 26 days. I am in deprate need of the cable as my gigapan epic pro is useless with out it. I am very disappointed In the service i am receiving at the moment. can you please let me know of the progress.


Mark Busuttil

Ron Schott Ron Schott
Posted: Aug 30, 2014

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Print Pricing

Members see the print pricing of their own GigaPans when logged in. Other members and the non-logged in users don’t see print pricing unless you’ve authorized it. If you want to see the site as a member of the general public would, just log out and then go look at one of your own GigaPans.

Tim Bartek Tim Bartek
Posted: Aug 30, 2014

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Print Pricing

I have a basic membership and I don’t sell my photos but somehow “Print Pricing” shows on each of my images in various ranges from $4.00 to $601.00 or something similar. I can’t see where I can turn this feature off. Can anyone help? Thanks