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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Recent Posts
Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Mar 6, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / 1 World Trade Center Epic Pro

Here’s a message that I posted in the general forum:


An Epic Pro was used on a jib at the top of 1 World Trade Center to shoot a pano. Given the 20+ mph wind and the fact that they also used it UPSIDE DOWN, they must have made some modifications to the stock unit in order to get sharp photos. It would have at least been “tightened” considerably to eliminate the wobble that we all know so well.

I’d really REALLY like to know what mods they used, and if any of them could be made available to us mere mortals.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Mar 6, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / 1 World Trade Center Gigapan BTS

This is a very interesting behind the scenes video about the shooting of a Gigapan from the top of 1 World Trade Center by Gigapan and Time Magazine.


and here’s a link to the Time site:


I’m hoping we can persuade the Gigapan folks to let us in on the modifications they made to the Epic Pro to make it “tight” enough for this shoot.

Tifanny White Tifanny White
Posted: Mar 4, 2014

Topic: Photo Editors / White balance correction

If you want to print an image, you may try binding JavaScript API to an onclick event of a button. This API allows you to save the current image along with all the changes you have made (white balance correction). Go to the following tutorial to get the API:


Many image formats are supportive, such as Tiff:


MP Narayanachar MP Narayanachar
Posted: Mar 2, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Pro Battery Life

@Chris Swinbanks

Have you been able to resolve your battery problem? Same problem for me as well.

li hai li hai
Posted: Feb 28, 2014

Topic: Photo Editors / a laser photo

i saw a very beatiful photo about laser in a franch website,but i don’t know how
to dnowload it,the website is:http://www.laserpuissant.com/laser-class-3B….

Glen David Short Glen David Shor...
Posted: Feb 27, 2014

Topic: Photo Editors / White balance correction

I have lots of problems matching the sky – not due to white balance, but as a side effect of using Photomatix in batch mode. I found increasing the white point setting can help. If all else fails, you can post in black and white – thats what I did with this pano after I gave up trying to get the sky colours to match http://gigapan.com/gigapans/150405

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Feb 27, 2014

Topic: Photo Editors / White balance correction

Greetings from just down the road (Easley)

There’s no easy way that I know of to correct an uneven sky in Photoshop. All may not be lost, though.

The striping in the sky looks like either lens vignetting or the sun being partially dimmed by light clouds. Given the fairly regular pattern, I’d tend to suspect vignetting first.

A couple of questions:

You’re using fixed white balance, correct?

Do you shoot RAW, Tiff or Jpeg?

Do you shoot in rows or columns?

What software did you use for stitching, and was vignette correction turned on?

luqing721 mo luqing721 mo
Posted: Feb 27, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Batterie HP COMPAQ nx7400

1.Toutes nos Batterie HP nx7400 sont neuves et compatibles. Elles sont la copie conforme des batteries d’origine, dites constructeur. Elles sont composées de cellules de qualité, de fabrication japonaise ou coréenne (Panasonic, Samsung, LG ou Sanyo).
2.Notre batterie ont adopté des procédures strictes d’assurance qualité pour atteindre les normes internationales comme CE, UL, et / ou certificatio ISO9001/9002.
3. Ce COMPAQ Notebook nx7400 Batterie contient des composants électroniques avancés et a été testé en accordance avec les standards très stricts de la CE. Le Batterie contient une puce qui empêche la surcharge et les courts-circuit. En plus de cela le batterie est composé de ccellules de bonne qualité qui ne souffrent pas d’un ‘effet mémoire’.
4.Nos HP nx7400 de l ‘utilisation du temps ne peut égaler le produit original. Haut conseil de protection de la qualité est complétée par SMT Equipement. Nous avons une expérience de 6 ans sur la production de batteries d’ordinateurs portables. La qualité fiable et la sécurité font de notre Batterie Ordinateur Portable HP COMPAQ Notebook nx7400 durer aussi longtemps que des Batterie d’origine.
5.Paquets arrivent sains et saufs. Pour l’expédition, nous prenons une mesure supplémentaire pour protéger vos colis exclusivement. Lorsque votre commande est validée, vous recevrez un numéro de suivi dans votre confirmation par e-mail.
6.Si vous n’utilisez pas votre ordinateur portable pendant de longues périodes de temps (une semaine ou plus), retirez la Portable Batterie de l’ordinateur portable.Assurez-vous de brancher votre adaptateur chargeur de portable dans un onduleur et non pas directement sur une prise secteur ou à un parasurtenseur.

Aloysious A Gruntpuddock Aloysious A Gru...
Posted: Feb 26, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Timelapse panning ability

I use a laser level tribrach with a LEGO chain round it. A LEGO motor drives a worm gear and an idler gear meshes with the chain.

Each revolution of the worm drives the chain by one tooth(3 mm).

Diameter of the chain is approximately 103 mm so it’s circumference is 103*pi=324mm which gives 108 teeth (54 links) and the gear ratio is 108:1.

The LEGO motor moves in 1 degree steps, so for one complete revolution of the tribrach there will be 108*360=38,880 motor steps.

If I interposed another worm gear into the system this would give 360 times more steps per complete revolution.

Tilt mechanism uses Uses one worm gear driven directly from the motor interacting with a 56 tooth Lego turntable fitted to the tilting frame so the gear ratio is 56:1.

For one complete revolution of the gear (very unlikely!) there are 56*360=29,160 motor steps.

Once I get the pan program complete (I keep adding bits before it is finished) I intend to convert it to do panning videos such as you describe.

Trent Allen Trent Allen
Posted: Feb 25, 2014

Topic: Photo Editors / White balance correction

After completion I am wanting to print an image and noticed some white balance issues in the sky. Is there a way in photoshop to easily correct this?

Sarah White Sarah White
Posted: Feb 24, 2014

Topic: Embedding / Embed - Image Attribution

This .NET Imaging SDK was built to provide flexible document and image handling capabilities, allowing developers to view, manipulate, convert, annotate, clean-up, save and print documents in an easy way.


Markus Iofcea Markus Iofcea
Posted: Feb 22, 2014

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Bug Report: Editing "Gear" on Individual GigaPans

I does not work for me either? Any idea yet on how to solve this issue?

Joel Escallier Joel Escallier
Posted: Feb 21, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Timelapse panning ability

Hello, I’m also interested to know if any improvement has been made since last July ?

Chris Swinbanks Chris Swinbanks
Posted: Feb 17, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Pro Battery Life

Hi folks. Has anyone found an alternative battery for the EPIC Pro, or replaced the Ni-MH batteries in the casing?
Just pulled our Pro out of the gear cupboard, it hasn’t been used for about 6 months and both batteries are dead as a doornail, won’t even start to charge. Originally purchased Sept 2011.
Aussie resellers websites indicate either “out-of-stock” or “no longer available”, so looking for alternative solution as I know I can buy NI-MH batteries locally…. just didn’t want to cut the casing open if I didn’t have to.

Michelle Lee Willsmore Michelle Lee Wi...
Posted: Feb 16, 2014

Topic: Embedding / Embeds not visible on https sites - Chrome

Any ideas about how to view embedded gigapans on secure (https) sites in Chrome.It worked for a couple of days and has now disappeared from view. I haven’t tried any other browsers but am led to believe its an issue with my website being https and not the browser used. I don’t know much about this stuff. I just wanted to simply be able for visitors to view my gigapans on my website ( michelleleewillsmore.com )
Any thoughts as to how to rectify this issue or if it’s even worth embedding if I can’t be certain they will be seen…

Brett Young Brett Young
Posted: Feb 15, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Shortened Camera Rail

Hello -

I’m using the Epic Pro and will be doing a lot of shooting with short barrel lenses with wide fields of view. (I know, this doesn’t take full advantage of the system but I have my reasons.)

Can I get a shortened camera rail or somehow otherwise adjust my rail?


Sarah White Sarah White
Posted: Feb 12, 2014

Topic: Upload / Uploader - Memory Issue.

If you don’t have enough free memory on drive C to convert the image, you may compress the image before uploading.


michael witwicki michael witwick...
Posted: Feb 7, 2014

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Need to swap for a 10 pin Nikon cable

Hi All:
The quality of gigapan Epic Pro, “Battery, cables”, really sucks, not professional, grade, they wear out and break very very, easy. I have been extremely careful, with the cables, I really wish, the supplier that Gigapan, uses, would up grade the quality to a professional, grade. I have gone through three sets of battery cables, for Nikon bodies. The battery, cables are just Prosummer, level, they simply can not take the grind of daily use. Pin connectors, are also bad quality. I really wonder if each battery cable, & Power cable, is checked, before leaving the factory. Something for gigapan to work on, please,! Professional quality please, things must work 99.8% of the time. The standard of quality, must be raised.
Something for Gigapan to bring up in the weekly staff meetings. A goal for this year.

Terry Foss Terry Foss
Posted: Feb 2, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Sports arena gigapan


Check this one out.

Simon Bolivar Simon Bolivar
Posted: Jan 28, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Sports arena gigapan

Does anyone know a tutorial about how to make gigapixel photos when people are moving. I am trying to take some gigapixel inside a supermarket with people moving all around. Thank you very much I appreciate any information about this issue.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Jan 22, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / newbie questions

You can also add a flash sync cable which allows the EPIC Pro to know if the shutter fired or not. It can be configured to retry several times before moving to the next position if it doesn’t sense a shutter actuation

Aloysious A Gruntpuddock Aloysious A Gru...
Posted: Jan 22, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / newbie questions

I have had this when shooting in autofocus mode. Sometimes the camera can’t focus because the scene has too little contrast.
Have you tried using manual focus?

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Jan 20, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / newbie questions

The shutter speed isn’t “limited” – there are configurable time periods pre-shutter, shutter, post shutter that constrain the usable shutter speed.

From page 8 of the manual (note the last sentence)

Time/Exposure – This was previously named ‘Time per Pic’ in firmware version 128.1 and is the amount of time that the EPIC Pro will wait until it moves the camera to the next position. It is
important to allow enough time for the camera to process the current photograph and copy the data from the cameras buffer memory to the flash memory. This is the most likely reason that the camera would miss a photograph.

Dan Arkle Dan Arkle
Posted: Jan 20, 2014

Topic: Upload / Uploader - Memory Issue.

I am trying to upload a 16GB PSB.

My computer has a 120Gb SSD boot drive, which does not have a lot of space on it.

When I try to upload, it says I don’t have enough free memory on drive C to convert the image.

I have plenty of memory on my other drives, but the uploader cannot seem to access it.

I have tried installing the uploader to the other discs, but with the same error.

Can anyone suggest a way around this?

The full error message is:
There may not be enough disk space to read and convert xyz file. We estimate 57gb is needed but the drive containing C: only has 30Gb free, do you want to continue anyway?

panopookie panopookie
Posted: Jan 18, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / newbie questions

Hi there,

I have reset to default settings of the gigapan and the problem still exists. I am sure it is due to the low light. In the day time no issue with skipping photos.

I need to do some more playing around to establish the settings etc and I am short on time at present.

Does any one know why when I connect my camera to the gigapan the shutter speed is limited. and if this happens how do I fix it… is it the shutter teach setting?

I enjoy night time photography the most, and this fits in around my work and life too. So I would really like to gain a good understanding of how to get the best out of this system for low light work.