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Welcome to the GigaPan Forum!

This is the place for Gigapan.com members to offer peer-to-peer support for exchanging tips, ideas, comments, etc.

Those who need direct technical assistance with their GigaPan EPIC Series imagers, stitching software or gigapan.com membership account should contact us.

Recent Posts
Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Jan 20, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / newbie questions

The shutter speed isn’t “limited” – there are configurable time periods pre-shutter, shutter, post shutter that constrain the usable shutter speed.

From page 8 of the manual (note the last sentence)

Time/Exposure – This was previously named ‘Time per Pic’ in firmware version 128.1 and is the amount of time that the EPIC Pro will wait until it moves the camera to the next position. It is
important to allow enough time for the camera to process the current photograph and copy the data from the cameras buffer memory to the flash memory. This is the most likely reason that the camera would miss a photograph.

Dan Arkle Dan Arkle
Posted: Jan 20, 2014

Topic: Upload / Uploader - Memory Issue.

I am trying to upload a 16GB PSB.

My computer has a 120Gb SSD boot drive, which does not have a lot of space on it.

When I try to upload, it says I don’t have enough free memory on drive C to convert the image.

I have plenty of memory on my other drives, but the uploader cannot seem to access it.

I have tried installing the uploader to the other discs, but with the same error.

Can anyone suggest a way around this?

The full error message is:
There may not be enough disk space to read and convert xyz file. We estimate 57gb is needed but the drive containing C: only has 30Gb free, do you want to continue anyway?

panopookie panopookie
Posted: Jan 18, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / newbie questions

Hi there,

I have reset to default settings of the gigapan and the problem still exists. I am sure it is due to the low light. In the day time no issue with skipping photos.

I need to do some more playing around to establish the settings etc and I am short on time at present.

Does any one know why when I connect my camera to the gigapan the shutter speed is limited. and if this happens how do I fix it… is it the shutter teach setting?

I enjoy night time photography the most, and this fits in around my work and life too. So I would really like to gain a good understanding of how to get the best out of this system for low light work.


Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Jan 15, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / newbie questions

It would help to know which settings you have selected in the menus. If you can post how you have the various delays and options set we can probably figure it out.

panopookie panopookie
Posted: Jan 15, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / newbie questions

I have the gig pan pro, canon 5d mk2 and 200mm f2.8 L series lens. I have it set up and it was working well. As I use it more I have found 2 issues. Occasionally the combination will only take every second photo. It takes 2 at the first position, moves to the second position, 0 photos, 2 photos in the third position… etc… It does not consistently do this, I wonder if it may be a low light/underexposure issue??

the 5d is limited to 1/30 sec in manual mode… which makes the gigapan useless in low light. is there a work around for the camera??

Thanks in advance for any help.


Sarah White Sarah White
Posted: Jan 14, 2014

Topic: Third-Party Stitchers / Autopano giga 3 colour correction

I have ever used an imaging SDK which supports color correction. There are many elements of image color that can be adjusted with this image processing SDK. One element of color adjustment that is available in many graphics programs is color balance.


Tom Nelson Tom Nelson
Posted: Jan 14, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Epic 100 Remote port

You need a special cord that GigaPan sells. It replaces the short cord you see above the battery in the left-hand detail picture here:
Gently unplug the cord and remove the button-pusher mechanism. Plug the appropriate ends of the new cord into the GP and your Canon. In the Options menu, there’s an option to use the remote instead of the button-pusher. That’s it!

Gigapan Curator Gigapan Curator
Posted: Jan 13, 2014

Topic: Products / New Pricing

Over the past three years, Gigapan has worked hard to take advantage of our increased scale, associated productivity and efficiencies, to offset significant cost increases. Such increases have impacted energy, labor, transport and raw material costs. Our efforts have allowed us to absorb cost increases and avoid price increases for the EPIC Series during 2011, 2012 and 2013.

Unfortunately, this is no longer possible for 2014, but we have minimized the price increases. Effective January, 13th 2014, the following products will have the new listed MSRP:

EPIC – $319
EPIC 100 – $479
EPIC Pro – $995

We value our loyal customers and appreciate your continued support. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email customerservice@gigapan.com.

Owen Iverson Owen Iverson
Posted: Jan 13, 2014

Topic: Stitch / Something is wrong...

thanks for the reply, David. i get the windows could be confusing. and i can work around that. however, it does seem to be problem if you have more rows than you do columns (or that you’re creating a vertical pan rather than a horizontal pan).

i’m going to do some more tests today, but my early findings seemed to confirm that a 3 column x 2 row pan worked fine, but a 2 column x 3 row using the same images did not. so i think the stitching algorithm is fine, but i think there’s an assumption of a landscape/horizontal layout that end up tripping it up somewhere.

Roger Williams Roger Williams
Posted: Jan 10, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Epic 100 Remote port

I read in the manual and in the forum about the remote port option, but I am confused. I have the Canon E3 remote, but I cannot find the port on the Epic 100.

is the way it works the following?

plug the remote into the camera, then when you depress the remote, the Epic will drive the shutter for all of the other images?

Thanks in advance.


David Pivin David Pivin
Posted: Jan 9, 2014

Topic: Stitch / Something is wrong...

The stitch software, up-to and including the latest release have an issue with repetitive features like windows on skyscrapers. I have experienced this many times over the years. Note the building on the right side of this pano: http://gigapan.com/gigapans/33560 Note that the scrunching pulls down the top margin.

I had to split a scan of downtown skyline of San Diego because it could not handle it without severe warping. http://gigapan.com/gigapans/127336 The building on the right edge had to be cut off for the stitch to work. Those in the center had no problem because there was not the same horizontal repetition. The right hand side beyond that building is in http://gigapan.com/gigapans/127336. I was able to stitch the San Diego Skyline successfully in AutoPano.

In your case you could only solve this by dropping back to a shorter lens so that there would not be an ambiguous overlap of repeating windows.

BTW, the Epic Pro does not write anything on your camera’s files.


Owen Iverson Owen Iverson
Posted: Jan 8, 2014

Topic: Stitch / Something is wrong...

so it appears that i’m getting closer:
here is a pan where i re-shot the above scene using all the same settings between the camera and the Epic Pro head. this time i made sure that my pan was 3 images across and only 2 images down (3 columns, 2 rows) to give me a horizontal or “landscape” orientation.

that worked fine.

so i went back and tried selecting only the first 6 ORIGINAL photos (that gave me the warped pan the first time) and tried doing the same 3 columns and 2 rows with those images and i got this:

now i’m wondering if the Epic Pro writes some kind of data to each file that is then read by the stitch software…anyone have any ideas about that??

Owen Iverson Owen Iverson
Posted: Jan 8, 2014

Topic: Stitch / Something is wrong...

i did a successful 120 photo stitch yesterday, and today i tried only an 18 photo stitch and got this:

i’m using the Epic Pro and a Canon 6D with a 400mm lens.

any thoughts? is it a problem with a “portrait” oriented subject?

i kept all the settings the same on the camera and the Epic Pro, and the source images look fine.

Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith
Posted: Jan 2, 2014

Topic: General Gigapanning / Image size when shooting

Both JPEG and TIFF image formats are available. Generally, resolution depends upon the size of pixel. Smaller the size of pixel, higher will be the resolution and more clear will the object in image.

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Dec 31, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / How fussy is the EPIC 100 about input voltage?

You will find that most EPIC/EPIC100 users power their units with Sanyo Eneloop rechargeables. I made a rechargeable pack of 6 D-size NiMH cells that would run in parallel with the 6 AA cells on my original EPIC and could be placed in my pocket during extreme cold weather. After I switched to Eneloops I never needed it.

Rainer Dynszis Rainer Dynszis
Posted: Dec 31, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / How fussy is the EPIC 100 about input voltage?

Hello Glen,

thank you for the suggestion. Using a DC/DC converter seems like a very good idea that I didn’t think of :)

Ron Dean Ron Dean
Posted: Dec 30, 2013

Topic: Gigapan Mechanism / Pro Battery Life

Same problem I have an Epic Pro and I have to charge the battery every time it will not hold power for 24hrs it always says I need to recharge. Big problem with these batteries and I will not buy another at that price unless it is guaranteed to work, but from all the comments on other forums they are duffers its put me off investing in other gigapan kit.

aclike aclike
Posted: Dec 25, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / New Image Viewer Launches on Gigapan.com

great work on the image viewing application. i was wondering how many kinds of rotating: can i make in the viewer. i prefer rotate 180.

Glen David Short Glen David Shor...
Posted: Dec 25, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / How fussy is the EPIC 100 about input voltage?

Hi Ranier – I rigged up my own external battery plug, http://www.madaru.net/gigapan.html
but in the end it was easier just to use high-capacity brand-name rechargeables. You could easily hook up a car or motorcycle battery, but I would use one of those 12v to 9v inline converters just to be safe. http://www.ebay.com/bhp/12v-to-9v-converter
I imagine using any external battery might void the warranty

Rainer Dynszis Rainer Dynszis
Posted: Dec 24, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / How fussy is the EPIC 100 about input voltage?

Hello all.

Since my EPIC 100 eats AA cells like crazy, it seems an attractive option to connect it to a car battery instead.

It would be quite trivial to modify the EPIC 100’s battery holder accordingly. The one thing stopping me is that the cigarette lighter socket delivers 12 Volt, while the EPIC 100 expects only 9 Volt.

Would it be safe to do that anyway, or would I fry its electronics?

Thanks for any insight.

Mike Walters Mike Walters
Posted: Dec 23, 2013

Topic: Upload / Mac uninstall ?

I have stitch & upload installed….but I cannot find how to uninstall it!

(turned out my panorama wasn’t big enough, fnurk fnurk)

Any clues ?

Mosley Hardy Mosley Hardy
Posted: Dec 13, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / What are you using to capture your gigapan images, Raw, Tiff, Jpegs ?

An under-publicized feature of the Epic Pro allows you to add a flash sync cable (<$3 on ebay) to provide feedback to the imager. If it doesn’t detect a “flash” from the sync cable it will try again up to 10 times. Bingo – no more missed frames.

From the manual:

SHUTTER FEEDBACK – Used to automatically detect a missed photograph at each position and retry again up to ten times. You must set the camera to focus priority, set ‘Expert Options’-
>’Shutter Retries’ and connect a sync cable between the camera and the EPIC Pro. The sync cable has a PC connector at one end and a mini plug at the other end. You connect the PC connector
to the camera and the mini plug to the EPIC Pro remote trigger cable port. If your camera does not include a PC connector, you can purchase a hot shoe adapter that has a PC connector.

Jimmy Smith Jimmy Smith
Posted: Dec 12, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / What are you using to capture your gigapan images, Raw, Tiff, Jpegs ?

Usually, TIFF and JPEG image formats are used. The TIFF format is widely supported by image-manipulation applications, by publishing and page layout applications, and by scanning, faxing, word processing, optical character recognition and other applications. The JPEG standard specifies the codec, which defines how an image is compressed into a stream of bytes and decompressed back into an image, but not the file format used to contain that stream.

Gonzalez Villena Gonzalez Villen...
Posted: Dec 12, 2013

Topic: Web Site and Forum / Problem with snapshots


I am new to the community gigapan, and I have uploaded two images even in private, for I am in the process of editing, I wanted to comment as an incidence that the command of snapshots does not work well, ie do not move the zoom to the correct zone or maybe this is what I quie not doing it correctly. Can anyone help me?.


ashley ringrose ashley ringrose
Posted: Dec 10, 2013

Topic: General Gigapanning / Timelapse panning ability

any update on this feature?