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Harshal Purohit

I am an IELTS Tutor, but it has nothing to do with literacy or my profession!

I am an artist by birth, wasted as science student, could complete graduation with hell lots of efforts, spoiled as an Area Manager in Pharma... and finally I am as mentioned above! (Don't ask... "next?!")

I have wide (may be wild!) variety of hobbies, especially expeditions of all kind. I am crazy of digital photography and electronic advancement. Recently I am studying Seismology and Meteorology as useless hobby. I am nature lover and an amature astronomer.

I love Indian classical and instrumental music. I can play the flute, mouth-organ and keyboards to let neighbour teach the lesson!

Besides, I am your good friend too!



Gigapan Groups

Member since May 08, 2008
Basic Level

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