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Hi! Thanks for taking the time to look me up. I have had a long time interest in 360 degree, immersive imagery. In fact, I was one of the original producers of Google Maps Street View imagery with Immersive Media, shooting literally millions of images every day. Most of my GigaPans are 360, spherical panos, but occassionally I'll shoot a much higher res framed pano. I had the opportunity to bring the GigaPan along on an 18 day Grand Canyon river trip in April 2010. My goal was to create a high resolution virtual tour of the river corridor, and I my project was funded by generous "backers" of a Kickstarter.com project, Grand Canyon GigaView.

Also find my work on a spherical projection @ Photosynth.net and @ Bing Maps under the username "GigaView"

Some of my images from the Grand Canyon & the USS Blueback Submarine are available at 360Cities.net, where hotspots in the images will allow you to jump from one image to the next.

@video360 & @GigaView360 on Twitter
360videoblog.blogspot.com Will open in a new tab or window/
grandcanyongigaview.tumblr.com Will open in a new tab or window



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Thomas Hayden
Portland, Oregon 
United States of America


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