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Brian Lockett

Brian Lockett is a photographer specializing in panoramic landscape and aviation photography. He started with a Kodak Brownie in the 1960s. He got his first 35mm camera in 1973 and had a lengthy addiction to Kodachrome. He transitioned to digital photography in 2004.

Brian's territory is the American Southwest, primarily Arizona, California, and Nevada.

Brian has long engaged in panoramic landscape photography. In recent years he has used a Gigapan robotic camera mount to make extremely high resolution, very wide angle pictures assembled from hundreds of images. Some of his pictures exceed 2 billion pixels.

The giant image files that Brian produces with the Gigapan are available from Fine Art America as prints as large as 48' x 84' at 300 pixels per inch. They are suitable for large lobbies and offices.

Brian is known as GoletaBrian on Gigapan, YouTube, and Weather.com. His username on Panaramio and Google Earth Community is Air-and-Space-Brian. He has several 360-degree panoramas displayed on Panoramic Earth.

Brian's life long interest in aviation photography is displayed in his virtual museum at Air-and-Space.com. He has photographed many thousands of airplanes at airshows, air museums, and hanging around the approaches to airports and military bases. Brian is the author and publisher of five books about aviation history. Brian's aviation photographs can be seen on Airliers.net, MyAviation.net, WarbirdRegistry.org, and AirFighters.com.

Brian also sells calendars of his photographs and books about aviation history on Lulu.com as LockettBooks.

Until recently, Brian lived in Goleta, California. His residence is now Scottsdale, Arizona.



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