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Manuel Elviro Vidal

Artist, Scientific Filmaker, lives and works in Mallorca, Spain

The vanguard gives an expression to my inner needs without resorting to models already done. When attention becomes a limited resource, it is essential to have a mechanism of intervention to manage it. My idea is to create an interdisciplinary debate of the impact of the human activity on System Earth. I will create an answer to misidentification and attempt to harness associations.

I develop and apply my work from an vast and critical perspective, focusing the action on technological, economic, social, and cultural realities that are happening around us. I design the future that I want to share, and I do not accept its predetermined trajectory. I carry out my own social construction of reality. To be different is to make, in some way, a new proposal, and this entails one to have an idea of the future of our society, its tendencies, their expectations. I try to interact with the complete person, transmitting my work like a global experience and directing it as much to intelligence as to the senses and the emotions.

Manuel works as a technician into Multimedia Technologies Lab of the Illes Balears University.



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Member since Feb 04, 2012
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