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Philip Martin Rusch


Philip Martin Rusch

A photographer that captures personality!

Iam a decorated ex US Navy Gulf War photographer veteran. I have photographed on land, underwater and in the air for the US Navy and including the use of TARPS (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tactical_Airborne_Reconnaissance_Pod_System Will open in a new tab or window).
Photographic experience: international bands, professional portraits (studio and location), advertisement, food as well as events, real estate/architecture (interiors and exteriors of buildings) a bit of fashion and a few weddings in my day. After 28 years behind cameras (pinhole, camera obscura, small, medium, large format and TARPS), I still adore photography! It’s my passion. I’ve been working for myself successfully since 1994. I am also a NIKON Pro (NPS) photographer.
Currently I’m working on a gigantic megapixel panorama – aiming to beat SIX world records and be seen by billions. I, along with my team and sponsors (BBDO & NIKON), have been working on this project for almost three years. It’s now becoming a reality! This is how the idea started - check out samples here: gigapan.com/gigapans?query=rusch
My work is word of mouth only - no business card and no website. New customers often asks "Why no website?" WHY you ask? I can post photos to it and you have NO IDEA if I took them or not. I photograph – my reputation via my photos speaks for itself.How do you KNOW if I am a great photographer or not? Why not ask for references I say! Did I deliver on time? Was I cool? Was I fair in price? Did I offer more than was ever expected? Was I fun? Was I professional? The answer to all of these questions is YES. I have many repeat customers and international bands (via major record labels/music companies). Just ask and I will give you my references! A few clients...
Austrian Presidents, chancellors, mayors and EU ministers, English Lords, US Admirals, rock stars, a US Supreme Court Justice, Johan Cruyff, etc.
Louis Vuitton, Red Bull, MAM Baby, Tupperware, Sony Music, BMG, Warner Music, Universal Music, The Vienna Stock Exchange, ORF, Isovolta, Carlson Wagonlit Travel, Wiener Linien, Wiener Börse, Aktienforum, RWB Bank, C.I.R.A., REMAX, Spencer Stuart, PEF, Motorola, The Lounge, RW Winery, Carson Wagonlit Travel, Michelin, Raiffeisen Central Bank, VOEZ (Verband Österreichischer Zeitungen), Österreichischer Rechtsanwaltskammertag, Consult IT, Chiesi Pharmaceuticals, ÖRAK, HEAD, The Federalist Society, VÖZ, Capital Bank, MANY publishing houses, OMV, Marcus Arnold Immobilien, Previo, Danube International School, PADIS, Ottakringer Brewery, FCC, Allergia, CIRA, Jewelry (different companies), etc. I am also the one and only official photographer for the Loos Bar in Vienna, Austria.
BANDS/MUSICIANS (in parenthesis denotes how many times I’ve photographed them)
Tower of Power (x2), Marcus Miller x2, Shakira, Billy Idol, AC/DC (x2), Alkbottle, Natalie Cole, Paula Cole, ZZ Top, Ute Lemper, Duran Duran (on tour), Die Fantastischen Vier (x3), Avril Lavigne, Stefan Gwildis (x3), OOMPH!, Roy Hargrove, Sophie Zelmani, PINK (x2), SilberMond (x5), Iggy Pop, Texas Lightning, Roger Cicero (x3), Natascha Bedingfield, Anette Lousan (x2), Tino Gonzales, The Backstreet Boys, Billy Talent (x2), The Veronicas, Evanescence, 3 Feet Smaller (x8), Melrose, Joss Stone, Art Farmer, Buddy Guy, Iriepathie, Mike Scott, Roy Ayers, Spearhead/Michael Franti (x2), My Excellence, Domino Blue, Sheila E., Candy Dulfer, Michel Camilo, Tomatito, Youssou N'dour, Jamie Cullum, Joe Zawinul, Calexico, Camerata Noridica (on tour), Slut, Yvonne Catterfeld, Opus (x2) and others.
After 28 years as a pro photographer, I cannot recall all of my clients. My photos do not appear anywhere in print or on the web unless my clients desire that. If you GOOGLE my full name, you’ll find very few photos of mine. I’m very protective of my clients’ work and my privacy. I’m happy behind the camera!
I was hired by the World Press Forum (World Association of Newspapers and News Publishers) as their only photographer a few years ago for the 63rd World Newspaper Congress and the 18th World Editors Forum. I have been printed in over 100 international newspapers/magazines/journals around the world as well as a book and CD cover. Locally, in Austria on numerous occasions in the following: Der Standard, Die Presse, FondsMagazin, Kurier, Medianet, Trend, Wirtschaftswoche, Wirtschaftsblatt, Kronen Zeitung and many others - all of this never having worked as a photo journalist.
Although I do not exhibit my work, I was invited to show (and sold!) my photos at the ‘Top 100 Austrian Artists’ exhibition in the Museumsquartier in Vienna, Austria in 2010. I’ve only had one other gallery exhibition. I learned I would rather photograph than sit around and sell my photographs in person or via stock photography.
English is my mother tongue; I am fluent in the German language and speak some Spanish. Regards, Philip
naservus@me.com Will open in a new tab or window  • +43/676 612 4668 (Vienna, Austria EU) • +1/925 289-0166 (San Francisco, California USA)

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