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Sander Poppe

Sander Poppe (1984) is a professional landscape photographer. From childhood on he loved to explore nature and open countryside. In 2008 he got his first SLR. Since then he combines the enjoyment of shooting.

Sander is an autodidact. He taught himself photography. By watching others and trying. The quality of his work became during his devlepments higher everytime.

Since 1st January 2012 is Sander a professional landscape photographer. His work is used by various companies and foundations. He also gives several workshops. More business information about Sander Poppe Landscape Photography, visit the contact page.

Sander is based in the Alblasserwaard. Here you can meet him regularly. The “Kinderdijkse mills”, listed as World Heritage, are practically at his door. But even outside the Alblasserwaard he is frequently found.You can find his best photos in his portfolio.

Sander its equipment consists of Sony DSLR cameras (A700 and A200). The lenses he used are from Sigma. In addition, a tripod (Manfrotto) and filters (LEE) is not to be missed in its range. Of course there are other accessories he uses.

Sander Poppe has an agreement with Kina to sell his photos. For more information, please check the website from Kina.



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