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Robert Holmes


Robert Holmes

Available for hire

My name is Robert Holmes. I live in Miami, Florida and I have been a Professional Photographer for more than 20 years. They call me DigitalBob because I was the first member of our group to begin shooting with a digital camera. Even though, I was actively shooting commercially with a digital camera (3 megapixels to start with, I still have my first Nikon D1 camera), I was always looking for ways to get much higher resolution pictures, for making very large prints. In this quest I began shooting large format, that is with a camera that uses a 4x5 inch piece of film. Very much like the camera used by Ansel Adams. Once I became proficient at that I moved up to a camera that took pictures on an 8x10 inch piece of film. When the images on this very large size film was scanned it produced a very large, high resolution digital image. However, this was a very expensive process, the film cost $10 a sheet, the cost to process the film was $5 a sheet and the scanning & touch-up consumed hours. Further it was getting harder and harder to buy the film and film processing companies were closing down.

One day I stumbled across Gigapan which now gives me far superior images and I Love taking these beautiful panoramas.
If you like my work feel free to email me at bob@mbholmes.com.

Here are some useful links to find my Gigapan Images in different orders:

MOST POPULAR: gigapan.com/gigapans?order=most_popular&page=1&per_page=25&user_id=digitalbob
LARGEST: gigapan.com/users/digitalbob/gigapans?user_id=digitalbob&order=by_size&categories=&since=&query=&submit=Go
www.kilgore.org.uk/cgi-bin/galleries/layout.py?st=0.805000&uid=43711&swidth=1280&sheight=655&page=1 Will open in a new tab or window

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Member since Aug 17, 2011
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Robert Holmes's Gear

Gigapan Epic Pro
Gigapan Epic Pro Robotic Unit
Nikon 28-300mm F3.5-5.6 Lens)
My current lens of choice is a Nikon 28-300mm F3.5-5.6 lens or for even larger gigapans I will use a Nikon 300mm F4 lens with a Rokinar 1.7 teleconverter which gives me effective focal length of 510mm @ F7. I have shot several Gigapans with this lens combination and there is absolutely no sign of vignetting, also it produces incredibly sharp images when shooting at F11. These are now my lenses of choice. The 300mm / 1.7 Teleconverter combination is also much smaller, lighter and less expensive than a prime 500mm lens, which I do not believe would produce any better results. There is one minor drawback, however, and that is that the 1.7 Teleconverter requires an additional 1.5 stops of light. In bright sunlight I was shooting at F11, ISO 400 and a shutter speed of 1/500. Now, in order to maintain the same aperture and shutter speed I need to increase the ISO to 640.
Nikon D800
The Nikon D800, released in 2012 is a full frame, 35mm DSLR camera with a 36 megapixel image sensor. This is a magnificent camera and ideally suited to photographing Gigapans with a high GigaPixel resolution.