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Guy Loughridge


Guy Loughridge


Creating something worth seeing is all that's important. Bear with me as I delve into sunsets, people and portraits. Enjoy.

My primary camera today is a PhaseOne camera with an IQ260 digital back. This is a medium format digital camera. All of my photos on gigapan are stitched images. Most of my panoramas include about 8 images. My largest image was a stitch of 400 images.

My childhood... I began photography in 1961. My father gave a "real" camera (more than a brownie). It was a 35 mm Argus viewfinder camera. It was completely manual. At the time the finest American 35mm camera was a Kodak Retina. He taught me one simple rule of thumb regarding exposures. He told me to use F11 at 1/100th for daylight shots... The rule of thumb was to use the ASA (ISO) to compute the exposure for the shot. The rule was 1/"Film ASA" at f11. So for 100 ASA (ISO) the daylight exposure should be 1/100th at f11. That resulted in perfection... in sunlight!



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