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Leon Herbert


Leon Herbert

Available for hire

I specialize in HDR 360 degree panoramic photography. I am also able to include the GigaTag technology in my panoramas.I enjoy photographing landscapes, buildings, cars,flowers and wildlife including my numerous dogs.



Gigapan Groups

Member since Apr 17, 2012
Premier Level

Leon Herbert
Cincinnati, Ohio 45224
United States

Phone: (919)491-2447
Website: Http://www.leonherbert.com

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Leon Herbert's Gear

Promote Control
I use the promote control to shoot my HDR images, it handles the multiple shutter speeds that are required.
Canon 5D III
Excellent full frame camera
Canon EF 70 -200 mm 1:4 L USM
This lens rocks, and is my work horse for panoramic photography.
Tamron SP 24 - 70 mm F/2.8
This is another great lens, specially useful for landscapes and getting goofy photographs of dogs. The 2.8 aperture helps in low light conditions.