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Michael Ashley

Michael is CTO of the Center for Digital Archaeology @ UC Berkeley [CoDA], a 501(c)3 nonprofit.

To "CoDA" is to jump immediately to a different way of playing in order to create a sense of balance and conclusion especially after a rich, effortful experience. We chose the coda music symbol to represent the Center for Digital Archaeology, where we play as we work. We invite you to see your own efforts expressively remediated once you've played the CoDA way.

Our labs are on the UC Berkeley campus where we actively recruit the best and brightest to join us through our thriving internship programs. Our CoDA family has grown to more than 20 staff, interns and volunteers who are passionate and talented about all the cool and useful things we can do digitally.

We are dedicated to creating and leveraging state of the art digital heritage management technologies in order to document and share our worldwide cultural heritage. CoDA offers the tools, methods, and training resources to accelerate the adoption of effective digital documentation practices by cultural heritage institutions and professionals.



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Member since Mar 08, 2011
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