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von Aichberger & Roenneke Neue Medien


von Aichberger & Roenneke Neue Medien

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von Aichberger & Roenneke Neue Medien GmbH is a Cologne (Germany) based company for all sorts of photography and multimedia services. We are into gigapixel photography for some years now, using the Gigapan Epic Pro with the best photographic equipment. We also create interactive environments for viewing gigapans. Read more on our dedicated gigapixel homepage www.supergigapixel.com Will open in a new tab or window



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Member since Sep 14, 2012
Basic Level

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von Aichberger & Roenneke Neue Medien's Gear

Gigapan Epic Pro

Canon 1 Ds III

Canon 5D II

Canon 6D

Canon EF 2.8/300 IS L