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Thomas Hawbaker

RMS/Telxon - Senior Software Engineer (4 years) Developed system code in C/C++ under Unix/OS2/DOS for retail grocery systems.

Consulting (2 years) - RIMAGE: Developed object based remote file system backup solutions.. SIEMENS Power Systems Division (EMPROS): Implemented low level power trading protocol IDEC.

Computer Network Technologies (CNT): Developed Unix/OS2 device drivers for remote network device control SuperSale.com - Developed pen tablet based car evaluation software (utilized by Enterprise Rent-A-Car)

Best Buy - Lead Developer/Architect/Project Manager (6 years) - Answer Center Kiosk - Lead Developer; Online Store - Lead Architect/Project Manager; Reported directly to E-commerce VP Weimin Liu

Now Photography / Pano enthusiast



Gigapan Groups

Member since Jan 25, 2008
Basic Level

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