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Comments on Snapshot: Barges in Kotzebue Sound

Barges in Kotzebue Sound

Snapshot: Barges in Kotz...

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Ella Derbyshire
by Ella Derbyshire on Nov 02, 2007
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Although this snapshot shows 2 barges, this panorama actually captured 3 barges. It was the arrival of the barges that motivated me to get to the hilltop for these photos.

Large freight can come to Kotzebue by airplane, which takes anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, or by barge which usually takes a month or more. Barges need open water, reliably present in only 3 months: June, July and August.

With no trees or car dealerships in the region, people rely on the barges to bring heavy, bulky items such as construction materials and large vehicles into town. Gasoline and fuel oil are also welcome barge cargo.

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