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Gigapan Tag! Zoom, tag & connect!

Gigapan Tag is a premium feature

To get Gigapan Tag: Contact us.

Zoom, explore, and Gigapan Tag!

How do you engage with your audience after an event is over?

Imagine easily creating an interactive tool that helps your fans and customers relive the experience – and then share it with their friends and networks.

Gigapan Tag from GigaPan brings special group events to life, allowing your customers to explore the incredible detail of the most innovative gigapixel images & high-resolution panoramic photos on the market.

With Gigapan Tag, your customers can:

  • Find themselves.
  • Find their friends.
  • Find celebrities.
  • Tag and connect.

Seamlessly integrated with social media, Gigapan Tag makes sharing your audience events, publicizing them, and expanding viral participation as easy as look, zoom, click.

Fire up your die-hard fans and keep them coming back through the most engaging user experience in gigapixel imaging. Users can explore events they didn’t even attend as though they were there through the dynamic and ultra-high resolution interface.

Gigapan Tag: Promote, Publicize, and Ignite Your Site

One Photo: A million memories (and fans). Create a truly amazing experience for them with Gigapan Tag. They deserve it.

Gigapan Tag allows you to:

  • Embed interactive, ultra high resolution panoramas on your website
  • Brand the gigapixel image with your logo, titles and information
  • Attract and excite “friend” traffic from Facebook back to your website, reaching new audiences
  • Receive full support for implementation, hosting, and security

Gigapan Tag allows your customers to:

  • Find and tag themselves & friends
  • Post to Facebook timelines with links back to the image on your website
  • View tags created by others
  • Filter tags based on user preference and Facebook friends
  • Engage with the event, and your website, long after its over

Ready to get started?

GigaPan has all the tools you need. We provide the equipment, software and support from start to finish for Gigapan Tag. Contact us today for a quote, we look forward to hearing from you!

Questions? Contact us at 503-501-2424 or via email.